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How selfish are you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34906points) July 31st, 2012

This quiz may give you some idea. My results were that I was rather unselfish and I know it.

I began to think about this due to some dreams I’ve been having. There’s been a lot of anger in them. Just pondering them made me think about my self and my reactions to life, wondering if I have been selfish with my time, treasure, talents, etc.

What do you think about selfishness? Is it a valuable trait or not?

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It depends on who you ask. But from my point of view, less than I used to be, more than I ought to be, and exactly as I should be to the people I care about most.

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Unselfish, known. Whatever that means.
I question the qualifications of Jay O to create this test.
The questions don’t allow for how well one knows a person, and were far too general.
I also know a couple people in particular whose crap I don’t even try to hear, mainly because it’s the same shit as the day before, and the day before that.
You are entitled to have a value for your time and resources. There are those who would spend you dry and think nothing of it. It’s up to you to husband your resources, and spend them at your discretion.
Even Jesus told his disciples that they didn’t have the resources to save all the poor, and to be thankful for their blessings and enjoy them while they could.
Kinds lets you off the hook, Snookums.

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I think selfishness gets a bad rap. It is all about moderation (as with most things in life). Selfishness is putting your own needs first without concern for others. There are times and areas in life where this is important and necessary. If you have responsibility for others and you always put their needs first to the detriment of your own health, you will not be able to look after those other people. Think of the masks that fall down in the event of a loss of pressure during a flight ‘fit your own mask first before helping others’.

Balance is the key. Yes, have concern for others but not to the exclusion of your own needs. I think women are especially guilty of doing this. Of being too selfless. I wouldn’t call myself too selfish, but I can certainly be selfish on occasions. I have needs and goals and I do not always put other people’s needs before my own. I often ‘pay myself first’ and then devote time and care to others.

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When you have kids, selfish isn’t even in your vocabulary, which is nice.

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Selfish is a political pejorative.
Self interest is essential to survival
Self sacrifice as @ucme eloquently stated, is occasionally a moral virtue

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My results said that I am not selfish but I don’t know it, but I don’t think that’s true; I honestly think that I’m at least moderately selfish…which either proves that I really don’t know that I’m not selfish and that this quiz is sheer genius, or that this quiz is pretty sucky and doesn’t assess enough components of selfishness.

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Mine said not selfish and known. I would say that by today’s standards I would be considered selfish. I am all for offering a hand to someone but I also think that each individual is responsible for their own destiny. I don’t expect anyone including society, the government, etc. to do for me what I can do for myself. And I expect the same of others. I think it is my job to take care of me first because I am no good to anyone inlcuding myself if I don’t.

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Ouch. I just answered @josie‘s thread with “I never hear this term.” Then I browse a few questions down and see this. Ok. I’ll read the question and respond.

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I haven’t heard this term in quite some time. I think it is not very helpful. The concepts of self and intention are complicated, and a term like “selfish” seems to gloss over the fact that depending on how you look at it, “selflessness” could be void of any meaning whatsoever. It also could be quite meaningful – again, depending on how you choose to frame these terms.

I choose to evaluate intention. When I act, what is my intention? There may be many layers to this, and peeling them back to take a good look at them in all of their ugly, raw glory is (in my opinion) the job of any able-minded person who desires to live a moral life.

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Not selfish and known.

When I think of a selfish person, I think of someone who is greedy or paranoid of being taken advantage of to the point of being angry at those in need. Self preservation and betterment isn’t selfish, like @rooeytoo wrote above, if you you don’t secure yourself first then you might not be able to help anyone else.

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Healthily selfish. I only do what I want to do from a place of genuinely wanting to do it.
I do not take kindly to manipulation or guilt tripping, pull those two rabbits out of your hat and you will NEVER make any progress with me and I’ll pr0bably dump your a$$ too! lol

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I scored not selfish and known. Which, to me, means that I’ve gotten more selfish as the years go by.

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“You Scored as Not Selfish, Known * whatever that means. I too question the skills and qualifications of the originator of the quiz.

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I could be seen as selfish, and I certainly cherish and hold on to what I have, even if they’re things I don’t need. While I personally believe being selfish isn’t the most evil thing one can be, I think my position on this matter highly reflects the fact that I just want to be left alone most of the time, rather than being selfish. I need my privacy and I easily get annoyed and defensive when this is breached. I suppose that could be selfish.
The test addresses a lot of stuff about helping others and listening to their problems, which I do, with my close friends anyways. Cuz they’re friends and you want to help them, or at least listen. I know my friends do the same for me.
This test is a bit weird as it takes very distinct subjects and asks you questions about it, which I could easily sever and make into two different tests; how obsessed are you about material possession, and how good a friend are you? Which can be seen as elements of selfishness, but really I’m not answering to dispute the test. Just thought it was worth mentioning that selfishness is probably way broader than that, and that I myself am selfish, but without evil intent. Hell isn’t everyone, or am I just abnormal?

Now get your hands off my Butterfinger!

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I don’t think I’m terribly selfish overall, but I certainly can be sometimes. Or maybe that’s just having a healthy self-interest when I need it? There’s one person in my life who routinely tells me I’m selfish, but it’s always in response to my not doing what that person wants me to.

My result was ‘not selfish, known’.

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You Scored as Not Selfish, Known

And it gave me these percentages, too:

Not Selfish, Known 94%
Selfish, Unknown 25%
Not Selfish, Unknown 19%
Slightly selfish, Known 13%

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Not Selfish, Known 50%
I dont know exactly what that means though

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