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Do people ever remind you of objects or things?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21650points) August 7th, 2012

I’m not quite sure how to explain this.

When I was younger, I would look at my little brothers round head and big smile, and I would be reminded of cheese and eggs.

I have the pet names of “sausage” and “monkey” for my girlfriend, she looks nothing like an ape or tube of meat, but for some reason that is just what I have in my heart when I think of her.

Also, a lot of the time people will remind me of skulls. I look at them, and for a moment I can kind of see the shape of their skull.

Is this or anything like this something that has happened or happens to you?

Does it have a name?

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I get that last one, only it’s age or baldness and not their skull. More often people remind me of animals.

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People remind of animals. This happened more often as a kid. Most people around me, unless they look really handsome or pretty, reminded me of certain animals. One of them made me think of a pterosaur, a secret I shared with my sister, which caused a lot of giggles in front of him. Now I’m sorry for doing that.

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Yes! I knew a female once who was very pretty, but had a tiny mouth, which gave her face a rat like appearance. Oddly she did turn out to be a bit of a rat. I can’t say I think of people as objects though.

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Yes, I had a sheep Christmas ornament once whose face looked like one of my sisters.

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I don’t think that way, but I’ve been told I look like an acorn. Made sense to me.

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Never objects. Sometimes I see people as having some qualities of certain animals or perhaps an element (Fire, air, earth, water, not the periodic table.) But it is not that they as people are similar to animals. To consider a person similar to an animal or an object seems to me to indicate the value you place on those people.

It doesn’t seem very healthy to see the people you care about as similar to objects. It is so easy to mistreat an object.

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Terry Pratchett objectifies sentient beings and also humanizes (sentientbeingizes?) objects in his books. I always laugh.

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I know a guy who most people would say reminds them of that guy from “Tales of the Crypt” show. Not sure if that is really a guy or a thing.

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Reminds of that show on The Simpsons entitled “People Who Look Like Things”:

But that is interesting; I don’t think I’ve ever thought of people resembling objects. I just hear people compare people to certain animals, such as horse, as an insult…

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I has a high school boyfriend who had a turtle face and a good friend who looked like a cat – and not in the sexy seductive way. Round eyes, tiny square nose, small mouth and small rounded chin. It was weird.

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