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I need to find some new music?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) August 16th, 2012

I have very eclectic taste. Here is a list of what I have been listening to:
Adam Lambert Mad World
Brandi Carlyle The Story
Adele Make You Feel My Love
Plain White Ts
Lenka The show
Angus & Julia Stone You’re the One that I Want
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
Jeff Buckley Hallelujah
Also the Blues

So anybody got any songs or artists to recommend?

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If you need a good laugh, try some ICP. Hilarious! And in my opinion, decent music.

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Ok I ignored everything you said after electric taste and just went with that.

Three bands I came across recently that defintely fit the eclectic sense are
Mungolian Jetset, Djemdi and Sonambulo

Hope ya enjoy it.

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I suggest Little Talks or anything Mumford and Sons (mild language.)
I hope this was helpful.

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Oh yes, I may have forgotten to mention…ICP has the opposite of mild language.

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So you seem to like pop, so how about Fun, Train, and John Mayer? And Matt Nathanson!

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I would try Miike Snow-Animal or Song for No One or Peter Bjorn and John-Young Folks

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I like some of those artist also so I can base my answer on similarly quirky artists and I totally understand the range of tastes.

Did you know that Angus Stone has a new solo album out? It’s called Broken Brights.
Here’s a really cool video from it.

If you like Brandi Carlile you might like Catherine Feeny. She has that sort of raspy deep voice and she’s sort of lyrical in a dark way. She’s very spirited and not afraid to be odd. Check out People in the Hole

These lean a bit more to folk rock and country to a greater or lesser degree.
The Waifs Lighthouse (this song never fails to make me feel happy!)
Especially the album Up All Night
Favorite song of mine-Flesh and Blood

Turnpike Troubadours
Diamonds and Gasoline

The Volebeats
2 Seconds of Your Love is my favorite of theirs

Tight knit-fav songs Rolling Sea, Sister

Blind Pilot Oviedo
3 Rounds and a Sound

Sonya Kitchell Train
Words Come Back to Me

Olafur Arnolds Ljosio
…and they have escaped the weight of darkness

“Minnie Driver”:
Everything that I’ve Got in My Pocket Deeper Water

Iron and Wine Monkeys Uptown

Emily Wells Symphony 1 in the Barrel of a Gun (pretty eccentric. I would hesitate to recommend this but if you can take Julia Stone’s singing you might be able to appreciate Emily’s!)

I have lots more suggestions. Hope you like some of these. You’ll see that I love pretty guitar picking and violin and cello.

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Hmmm. Most of what I’ve been listening to is pretty far removed from your list (though I’ll make some suggestions if you want something completely different) but there’s always a little common ground when it comes to the blues.

Recently I’ve had a lot of Eric Clapton and Kenny Wayne Shepherd going including From the Cradle, Journeyman, Pilgrim, Trouble Is…, and How I Go. Also had little Muddy Waters, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Son House, and B.B. King mixed in there as well.

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@uberbatman Eclectic not electric.

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@marinelife had a typo in my first post but most of that music is instrumental with electric amplification. It is however eclectic music. Though it seems from your bands you listed your more lookin for mainstream pop like music.

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@uberbatman Not necessarily. I was looking for background music for a party so i wanted light stuff and instrumentals. I will check out your suggestions.

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For light relaxing background music check out cultura profetica. Its all in spanish but its great laid back chill music.

sorry if that last post was kinda bitchy, I was in the middle of an arguement IRL while on fluther. My appologies.

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