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Parents and guardians who just had kids go back to school or start school: What are your thoughts and first impressions of your child's new teacher(s)?

Asked by jca (35973points) September 6th, 2012

Parents and guardians who have a child that just returned to school or started school for the first time (presumably that would be kindergarten or first grade): What did you think, what were your first impressions of your child’s new teacher(s)?

I’ll give mine later in the thread but don’t want it to be about my specific impression – I want people to offer theirs.

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I love her because it’s me.

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My son has the same teacher as last year, which is nice. She’s been innundating us with email. My daughter is in high school and there will be a back to school night soon where we meet her teachers, but that hasn’t happened yet, so I don’t know any of them.

They usually don’t pay much attention to us, since she gets good grades. It’s a shame, but if you do well, you don’t get much attention. The public school teachers seem to worry about problem kids almost exclusively. I understand, but I wish it could be otherwise.

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I don’t have kids in school any more but their is always one thing I found amusing. Some parents never realize that they are being graded as well that first day.Teachers look at the parents and the kids and try to figure out how far from the tree has that apple fallen.
@wundayatta I agree, but it also has to do with the fact that the good kid often comes from good parents, so teachers trust the kid has someone else to help them get a head. They do pay attention to good kids if they feel the child has no good support system to keep them afloat. In the mean time they also have to make sure the bad kid doesn’t get so out of hand that it starts to effect the good kids as well. I often think its like being a lion tamer. You can’t keep your eyes off the new young lions for one second, or you will be eaten alive along with the more experience tamed lions.

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I would look at the teacher, and wonder how she is going to deal with 30 kids, when my 2 drove me crazy all Summer. God bless the teachers. God bless their blood pressure medicine.

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I went to my oldest’s back to school night tonight and was very impressed with the teachers and staff and even empathized with the jazz band teacher who was very controlled in his description of having to somehow assimilate 36 students into his over crowded band class. More like a Jazz orchestra with that many kids stuffed in that room.

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She swears like a sailor, drinks too much coffee while watching The View during phonics work time, and when I look in the mirror I see her tired face.

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