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Name 5 things you need to live or can't live without...

Asked by nofurbelowsbatgirl (4666points) September 13th, 2012

4)Bath & Body Works

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1) Access to clean water
2) Food
3) Money
4) Clean clothes
5) Shelter with adequate plumbing

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4)Food and water

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I will assume that generally you are not referring to obvious basic life sustaining needs like food, air, water etc. even though you tossed in air as an apparent outlyer…
On that basis…
1. Music
2. A decent kitchen with decent cookware and stove
3. Exercise
4. Friends
5. Independence

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My daughter and pets
Happy Brownies

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Also, I will add @Coloma

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@josie Awwww…why thank you, what a nice thing to say! :-)

Oh wait, I can’t live without my car either…well make it 6 things. haha

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I am also not taking into account food, water, air, housing etc.

1. My family and friends
2. Books
3. Personal hygiene items – tooth care products, shampoo etc.
4. The Internet
5. My pets.

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I’ll assume you don’t want only the true basic necessities for human survival.
1. Chocolate
2. Cottage cheese.
3. At least a hug frequently. A roll in the hay now and then.
4. A public library in walking distance
5. A group with whom to sing.

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@Sunny2 Cottage cheese? hahahaha
Well..I can’t live without cheese in general. This Q. is far too limiting. Coloma goes to order more gourmet cheeses from her favorite cheese factory in California.

Oooh…wheat beer…that’s a must too! ;-)

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@Coloma That’s just today’s list.

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@Sunny2 Exactly! The daily list is ever changing. :-)

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Living near a great lake
My love
Wide open spaces

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my car
my family
my dog
good friends

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Skipping the obvious things like food, water, shelter…
1. Happiness (what’s life without it)
2. Wife (adventure is more fun shared)
2. Best Friend (yeah…)
Not a numerical mix up, they’re tied, it’s a safe bet I’d not be me without both of them.
4. Travel (because there’s so much to experience and I love adventure)
5. A Mountain Retreat (because there’s a lot to be said for peace, solitude, and relaxing with nature)
Though Music could take it’s place if I could find noise canceling travel earphones that truly block out the world.

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Do you live near a great lake @Mama_Cakes? So envious.

@Sunny2 Cottage cheese? Okay!

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I’m going to stick to the basics, food, air, water, family, and unfortunately, my meds.

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@Bellatrix yes, ma’am. Lake Huron. :) It’s about 70 feet from my doorstep.

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Air, sleeping, souls, food, shelter.

Non basics Basics;
Pillows, horror movies, books, movies, games.

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Green with envy. Would love to see a picture. I would so love to live near water. Lucky, lucky you :-)

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Coming right up. :)

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Air, food, water, books, music

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Son #1
Son #2
My friends

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I added a few at the beginning of my photobucket.

One of me on the sailboat, my partner and I race on a boat called Wild Cargo. :)

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I took this sunrise picture at my partner’s. She lives on Lake Huron, Michigan (American side).


I am on the Canadian side of Lake Huron (directly across from her) and I get to see the lovely sunsets.

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Beautiful and how lovely that you live on different sides of the same lake. You can sort of wave goodmorning and goodnight to each other (even though it looks big enough to be an ocean! Thanks for sharing. How fabulous to live so close to such a beautiful lake.

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You’re very welcome. Beach walks are a wonderful thing when you need some time to think or wind down from a hectic day.

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Books (real ones)

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1. AC
2. Mobile
3. Car
4. Notebook
5. Food

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Assuming that we would get all the essentials like air, water, food, etc.
1) Coffee
2) Books
3) Music
4) Laptop
5) Paper (and pens)

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My kids.

The rest is just details.

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@zensky I’m surprised that more people didn’t answer the way you did. When I read the question I figured I’d see just about every answer have “My Kids” on it.

That’s assuming you have kids and if all of you don’t then I apologize haha


To name a few.

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@JHUstudent Haha! I am never having children.

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1. Hugs from my kids and husband
2. Laughter
3. Outdoor activities
4. Silence
5. My favorite pillow

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1. Bed
2. Sex
3. Food
4. Clean Water
5. Clothes

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