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Do you and your family give money as gifts?

Asked by JLeslie (54594points) September 17th, 2012

I am curious to know cultural differences, so please state where you live and your ethnic/national background and religion (even if you don’t identify with a religion if you were raised in a particular one I would be interested in that). I recently made some statements on a Q that Jews give money for everything, not that they don’t ever give presents, but that money is often given and it is perfectly acceptable and a common practice. I have also observed the Greeks doing it at weddings and some Catholics like the Italians. I have heard others say they don’t want to give money or think it is innappropriate or appears lazy.

So here are my basic questions, and please feel free to add more information. The questions are regarding giving to family and very close friends, or children of close friends. Not giving a gift to a teacher or coworker.

1. Do you give money for birthdays, Holidays (Christmas Chanukah, etc) or Weddings instead of presents?

2. If you received money for an event like a birthday or holiday as a child what was the expectation? Did you spend it? Save it?

3. When your children receive money for an event what do you teach them, and what do you expect them to do with it?

4. What do you presonally think about giving or receiving money for these events?

5. Do you give gift cards because you think giving cash/check is odd or innapropriate?

6. How do you identify ethnic/culture/countyry and religiously? Americans, even narrowing to your state of the region of the country might give some interesting information. Examples: Italian-American Catholic Midwest, Jewish-American, Southern American Christian, British Protestan, Australian atheist etc.

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