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What's a halfway decent old-fashioned sponge mop for spills that can be squeezed easily?

Asked by gailcalled (54448points) November 9th, 2012

The supermarket and hardware stores seem to sell only cheap, fragile and inefficient ones. Do you have something that works moderately well and doesn’t break after a month?

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I’m sorry to inform you that I’ve had zero luck with sponge mops. Either the heads are too difficult to change, or they fall out whilst I work.

I switched over to velcro microfiber floor mops, and am hooked. They’re super easy to clean with, absorbent and simple to wash & reuse.

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@snowberry: Here’s a review of your commercial mop. You really have to laugh, don’t you?

“The plastic handle to squeeze the mop broke the first time I used it. The mop head keeps trying to fall out. The squeeze out feature is awkward. The mop head is worn out already and breaking down into little pieces of sponge that get left behind when cleaning the floor.”

@SpatzieLover; Got a link?

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I have an O Ceder one I use, but this Rubbermaid floor mop is a better deal.
It comes with 3 washable pads when you purchase it. The extra pads were a separate purchase for mine.

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@SpatzieLover : The one you linked has too many gadgets, like the fluid container. What happened to the old-fashioned ones…gone, gone away like the better mouse trap, I guess.

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No, you can buy this type of floor mop with out the fluid container. However, I’ve bought a bunch of them, and am still using the one with the container (i just rarely fill it), because this variety has better velcro & pads.

The cheaper versions have handles/sticks that are constructed poorly. The handles snap off or they don’t maneuver as well.

When I buy a sponge mop, it’s because someone’s basement or apartment has flooded. Afterwards I toss the thing. They are for disposable use only, IMO.

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LOL, @gailcalled I missed that. Sorry

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