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Did you hear that Colorado and Washington passed legislation allowing residents to purchase up to an ounce of Marijuana?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) November 17th, 2012

Personally I think Marijuana as a drug is less dangerous than alcohol because it does not make people aggressive. However they should sell Thc in liquid form because all smoke especially when inhaled is a Carcinogen. Anyone with breathing problems must avoid all smoke.
What do think about Marijuana being legal?
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Yes I did. Sounds fine to me.

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Yes, one of the talk show hosts mentioned it. Denver is changing it’s basketball teams name to the Denver McNuggets.

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It’s fine with me. This does not mean they will have access to it any time soon. First, they have to fight the legal battles because it is still a controlled substance at the federal level.

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I heard this on NPR the other day, I thought he did a good job of illustrating the pros and cons of legalization. It’s going to be very interesting to see where this goes in the next couple of months.

It will also be interesting to see how other countries react to this with their drug laws since some states have been becoming more liberal with its drug policy. It looks like Uruguay is moving for full legalization as well.

I couldnt disagree with you more though in regards to marijuana just being in liquid form. First, THC is not only chemical in marijuana that affects you, but yea you could extract the rest as well. The reason I disagree is just how vastly different the effects are when one smokes the plant vs ingestion. Its almost two different drugs completely. If you’re concerned about carcinogens (not sure why you capitalized it) you could just use a vaporizer to get all the positive chemicals out of the plant without any of the negatives.

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They do sell it in liquid form :)

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I smoked Pot in college. It is very relaxing.
I think legalizing Pot could actually help reduce the deficit.
I am truly concerned about people being encouraged to smoke anything. I can’t be in a room filled with smoke. I start coughing.
I think THC could help us all relax and sleep. I wish I could get it in pill or liquid form.

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I think Pot should be legal.
I think Pot is a better way to relax than alcohol and it has less negative side effects. All smoke makes me cough and is a Carcinogen.
I would like a drug to help me relax and sleep. THC (Pot) always had a nice effect on me and my friends. We smoked to relaxed on weekends. Unlike alcohol people don’t become aggressive from Pot.
I have not smoked in a long time.
I want the chemical without the smoke.

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