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What is your opinion on Philip DeFranco?

Asked by bhec10 (6452points) November 19th, 2012

Do you know him? Do you like him? Do you watch his show? Do you agree with his views?

Just let me know what you think of him, I actually agree with pretty much everything he says, and I watch him on a regular basis. I like how he presents the news and what he talks about. And he just got over 1 billion views on YouTube, which is incredible.

Here’s a link to his most recent show
And here’s a link to his Wikipedia page

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I know him. I like him. I agree with him on pretty much everything.

I used to watch his show regularly. Now I just watch if it looks like something I might be interested in.

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I’ve never heard of him before. But thanks for the link. Sounds like an interesting phenomenon. I’m curious as to what makes him so viewable, but not curious enough to actually go watch him. But he’s on the radar screen now.

Why did you ask? Are you a fan looking for other fans? Or are you actually trying to help market him?

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@wundayatta “I’m curious as to what makes him so viewable.”

You could say that about any of the YouRube sensations. OutbackZack, Ray William Johnson, Chris Crocker, Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson? Why do they have so many viewers? Who knows?

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He is pretty good in my opinion. I like his jump cuts and the way he presents the news with a good speed and with some humor on the mix. He’s funny and he’s not afraid of saying what he thinks.

I was just curious, he seems like a big phenomenon on YouTube but I hadn’t even heard anyone mention him on Fluther, that’s why I asked. Maybe I am looking for other fans, maybe I’m not, I don’t know.

And luckily for him, he doesn’t need me to market him, he’s got a pretty decent flow of regular viewers already.

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I watch his shows, I don’t have any problem with him, he makes short shows that are mildly useful for keeping up with news. While his show is not as serious as a real journalistic news show, he is more impartial than most news shows.

I don’t agree with him on his views as he does not seem to have any, he seems to design everything he says to be bland and middle of the road, to commercialize it as much as possible. He is a bit like Obama, in that he wants everyone on both sides to agree with him, and does not really ever take one side or another.

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