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Can you give me some information on buying a karaoke machine for my 9 year old grand daughter?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36039points) November 30th, 2012

I’m on Amazon think some of the products I’m looking at are just the CD’s. Others appear to be just the microphones. I’m really confused…do you have to buy “special” CD’s, or will any CD work? Obviously I don’t know much about Karaoke. Any info you want to give me would be greatly appreciated.

PS Yes the girl can SING. She’s 9….

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The machines have special disks that you have to use (and buy). The microphone only version, at least the ones that I’ve seen used, have a bunch of songs loaded into them.

We have a playstation 3 and just use sing star. It adds a fun game component to singing.

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It’s done…I guess she loves it! Her dad is a singer. A damn good one too. Lots of CCR and good 70’s stuff. My daughter said Boo’s voice is starting to rival her dad’s. “You should hear them together on the Karaoke machine!”
I said, “Oh no….”
She said “Yeah, I told her she had to get her college degree before she became a rock star!”
********Now accepting donations for my granddaughter’s college tuition so she won’t become a rock star!!******************

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Awesome! My daughter and I have a great time competing on SingStar. We pull it out for parties too and get some hilarious performances.

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