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Mash-ups: how long have they been around? Have any good examples?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 6th, 2012

Some are ingenius – here’s a brilliant recap of 2012’s best pop songs in a wonderful mash up

Could we attempt a literary mash up here?

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Another good one: the People are awesome series.

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I love Axis of Awesome’s 4 chords -my ukulele orchestra now play this :D

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You can’t talk about mash-ups without mentioning Girl Talk

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Soething To Do With The Game is a bit of the following:
J-Banga; Make Ya Self Be Heard (Dub)
50 Cent;The Game-Hate It Or Love It
Her Space Holiday; Something To Do With My Hands

Video not available in Germany

You just lost the game

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Wham vs Psy – Last Christmas Gangnam Style
The worst one I’ve heard in a long time

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Simon and Garfunkel- Scarborough fair

The original English ballad Scarborough Fair dates back to the Middle Ages and borrowed lyrics and themes from the Scottish ballad The Elfin Knight and another English ballad Riddles Wisely Expounded, the line ‘parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme’ appears in Riddles Wisely Expounded and dates back at least to 1450. Simon & Garfunkle then set it in counterpoint to Canticle which in turn was a rework of an earlier Paul Simon song The Side of A Hill. So I guess that this could be a mash up of a mash up of a mash up.

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The White Panda
Wick It the Instigator

And one of my favorite mash-ups, The Grey Album its The Beatles White Album mashed up with Jay-Z’s Black Album. I actually cant stand Jay-Z normally but the way Danger Mouse did this mashup and sped up the vocals a bit it sound soooooo much better IMO.

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