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Do you lose weight when you fast?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) December 8th, 2012

Woke up this morning with zero appetite. Been three hours and still nothing. Last time I ate was 10 hours ago. Not doing much, just typing at the keyboard. Am I losing weight-?

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Yes. In another several hours you will be translucent.

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You will probably lose some water weight. Even if you aren’t hungry, you should drink something.

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If you’re going to the bathroom, yes, but slowly. You might notice a few pounds over a day total. Without that you’ll technically lose mass to sweating and breathing but infinitesimally slowly. Extended fasting or calorie restriction will slow losses down, though.

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Yes, but only water weight, unless you keep fasting for days, which obviously is not good.
If you have a little fat to lose no problem fasting for a day or two, but, if you are not trying to lose weight your body will start burning muscle.

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Better to speed up your metabolism by gaining muscle, muscle burns more calories then fat, then losing it by starving yourself. Not only would you lose water weight and burn up muscle but when you start eating again your body will conserve and store more for leaner times of starving yourself. Yoyo dieting before supplements and other crazy schemes were invented.

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When you start bouncing about on the ceiling you will know you have taken it too far.

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Holy you won’t lose anything unless you become anorexic and never eat, which I don’t suggest and even when you lose because of anorexia it is because you malnourish yourself to such an unhealthy point the body has no other choice but to use whatever energy it has stored up. And anyway, even anorexics eat, they just like the control, that’s why anorexic and bulimia usually go together.

If you do this not eating thing for a day or two then your body actually holds onto what your last meal was for nourishment and takes from that until you eat again and trust me because we are born to survive your going to eat again. If you want to lose weight you have to eat all day, basically 3 non fattening meals and then eat like a bird in between and exercise and that includes more than just typing :/

Trust me I’ve been eating the way you stated for 3 years, the pills I’m on actually give me anorexic behavior so I can go days without eating even though I know I need to eat, I want to eat, but nothing looks appetizing. Then I get to a point where I’m starving and I eat because I know I need to survive. I also exercise a lot. Because of my eating habits along with exercise, I basically lose 1 pound a month.
BTW, when I do eat I rarely eat fattening food.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Crap you mean exercise my then just my thumbs and my wrists? I was really hoping I could try out for the worlds buffest thumb title…

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Ya you lose weight but I think it is not the proper way to lose weight. You must drink lots of water which is helpful to lose weight. Because of fast you lose your energy and feel weak.

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