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For you, what are the best things in life?

Asked by AshLeigh (15889points) December 8th, 2012 from iPhone

We’ve all heard that the best things in life are free.
But what are those things?

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The way little kids make up stories.
Internet porn.

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Building relationships with people.
Making a difference in the world around me.
Spending time with the most amazing guy on earth.

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How my dog falls asleep with her paws on her stuffed toy.

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Peace of mind.
Friends (including family).

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Of the free pleasures?
Being in water.
Fractal trees in the winter.

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Knowing when this madness is over I will be in Paradise, forever and ever.

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As far as free things? When someone shares a good story, or just a good conversation in general. Spending time with people you haven’t been able to do so with in a while.

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Broken record alert again, but I just can’t stop posting this type of response because I find it to be so true in my case: having friends or people in my life who accept me for who I am as a person rather than always giving me advice on how to ‘improve’ myself. Also I can’t stand people who criticize me for not doing things that ‘most’ others do. I don’t know how many times I’ve stopped associating with others because of this.

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Relationships are the best thing, but they aren’t even close to being free. They take more work than anything else I know. Music and art are great things, too, but they also take a lot of work. None of the things worth having in life that I know of are free. But then, I’m not sure if anything is free.

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The first gulp of fresh cool water after a hard run; waking up next to someone you care about; listening to the waves / rain / waterfall / stream; sitting around a campfire with friends of old or random strangers you just met, eating, drinking, singing; goofing around with animals (animals are great at goofing around, try them ;-) – that sort of stuff…

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Free pleasures?

- A shared smile with a complete stranger.
– Seeing a particularly beautiful fresh snowfall (I particularly love hoarfrost), sunset, harvest moon or shooting star
– The feel of the sand under your feet and the lapping of the ocean’s waves at your toes
– Those lovely last moments of each day when I sink into my comfy bed and the tips of my toes touch my husband’s feet and fall asleep.

…and free samples at the Godiva chocolate shop aren’t bad either. <wink>

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My dogs and my mate, not necessarily in that order (it depends on the day, hehehe!)

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Oh I dunno. There are too many and they all are so good at the time.

How do you judge by the last or the most common or the most rare or the free-est the most expensive or costly?

Or the most random and surprising or the most nurtured?

The best thing in life is there are so many choices. The worst thing in life is there are so many choices. But that is another topic right there.

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Health is a good one – too bad it’s not free at all


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Love, of course. It’s the only thing that seems to really matter. Not that it’s easy to work out.

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soft wind
gentle rain

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Learning, working hard at things you love, being active, being involved in the community, fun and socialization, being in love, and loving yourself. All things I have been blessed with this year…it’s been a great semester.

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Another four years of Obama.

I’m still pretty excited about that.

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Blue sky’s, mountains with snow, friends, laughter, beaches, being nude, falling in love, kissing, loving, being loved, peace of mind, hope, kindness, generosity of spirit. New friends, people you can talk to. The wind on my face, happiness, realizing I am OK. Letting go.

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Feeling good in your own skin
My kids
Staying active

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Knowledge and self-knowledge
Sex Magick

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I always told myself I’d read this thread when I had to time, but I never got around to it until now.
GA’s all around.

Music. Kittens.
The time I ran out of the bathroom in only a towel, in the middle of shampooing my hair. I’d been chased out by a dragonfly.
Asher looked at me very calmly and said “I think dragonflies are cute.” That always stayed with me.

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Cookies. Kissing. Taking naps. Video games. Soft skin, and scraggly beards. Mountain Dew, throwback. Laying in bed, singing together. Laughter.
Good food. Long drives, to nowhere. My ukulele. Old people. Clicking pens. Finishing a book. A new notebook, which is filled with pages of empty possibilities.

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