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I need help related to sending mass emails?

Asked by marvinj (6points) December 11th, 2012

I have a massive list of users who registered for accounts and opted into a mailing list on my web site and I am interested in sending out a weekly newsletter. How should I go about doing this. I tried sending it out through my host server, but I received a notice stating that if I did it again they would kick me off the server. Are there any good companies that are designed for this type of thing? I need to find a company that will support this and show me some sort of report about how many emails get opened, deleted, opened then deleted, etc. Any recommendations?

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I would take a look at mailchimp. They have a free plan that is pretty robust.

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How are they going to know if your emails get opened or deleted?
You could do that yourself by embedding a URL into the email (e.g. for an image). When the user opens the email the email client will request the URL (unless they have that turned off, to avoid exactly what you’re trying to do) and you can track your website traffic for that. If you are sophisticated about composing your emails you can make a distinct URL for each email account, and for each time you send something. Again, your website is the way to measure your traffic.

But as far as I know, the SMTP and POP protocols don’t accommodate much feedback, except for the explicit request for receipt that you sometimes see. That’s not automatic, and a lot of people find those annoying and/or just ignore them.

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You can get around it by limiting the number of email addresses sent at once to 20 addresses at a time, I believe.

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