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If you could do what you wanted with your life, what would you do?

Asked by Sjcluna (122points) December 23rd, 2012

If you had no responsibilities and knew it was time for major change, where would you go, what would you do and why?

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I am enjoying what I do for my life now. I love my home and the people who share it with me, and I am fulfilled in my vocation of over twenty years.

If I had “no responsibilities”? One can not have zero responsibilities, with the exception of young children or those with moderate to severe disabilities, whether mental or physical. We are all responsible for our own actions, and make choices every day on how to behave according to our own priorities and morals.

However, if you mean if money were no object, then I would love to travel and see the world. I would start by visiting friends I’ve only known online, and then go to witness natural wonders and ancient places to see how those who preceded us by many generations lived and left their mark.

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Do I have all the money I want too? I would live on or near the beach.

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By “no responsibilities”, i suppose i mean, “no dependants” – and i certainly don’t mean money is no object. Money is always finite is it not?

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I would be a faculty reference librarian at a college in an awesome place like Pepperdine University or maybe Oxford.

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@Sjcluna – there is the “1%” of society who have so much money that they don’t worry about it. So I thought your question was similar to asking what someone would do if they won the lottery or inherited a windfall of cash. If you are just asking about finding oneself at a crossroads in life, but still having bills to pay and a lifestyle to maintain, then I couldn’t change much.

My mother is retired for a few years and single, yet still lives in the house I grew up in because she can’t quite decide where she would go. She doesn’t want to live in a senior community, and she has lived where she is for 46 years, so starting over in another town, county, state, or country (even returning to the country she left at 21 when she moved here) would be such a tremendous change that it’s overwhelming even at my age.

If one is of an adventurous nature and is OK with not having the comforts of a middle-class lifestyle, I suppose it would be fulfilling to volunteer for an organization that does outreach with the less fortunate – whether it’s disadvantaged people in your own country or in other parts of the world.

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No responsibilities would mean no kids so… I’ll keep the responsibilities in the equation and answer this way….
I would do exactly what I am doing right now only more efficiently and I would be much better organized.

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I have tried answering this question several times and keep stopping myself. I’m not sure I understand it.
Being able to do what I want in my life does not equate in my mind to having no responsibilities.
I guess I am doing what I want to in my life right now!
It would be nice to have a sugar daddy, though. But my lot seems to be to fall in love with starving artists.

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@bookish1 I totally agree with you about not needing to free of responsibilities in order to do what one wants to do with one’s life. I answered this question considering still having all three of my children and my husband in tow. That is all kinds of responsibility, and it is 100% part of what I want to be doing with my life! Although I must admit, it would be nice to have a sugar daddy – well maybe a rich uncle – so money is never an issue.

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Exactly what I am doing.

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This is not an easy question to answer. It is difficult to do what you would really want to do even if you have no dependents but money is still an issue. You’d still need money to maintain the lifestyle you want and that can limit you in the things you do in order to be able to afford such lifestyle. I have no children nor a SO, but I have parents and dogs. My parents don’t depend on me for money but we are really close and rely on one another a lot. So, bottom line for me is I can’t do what I really want, not because of my dependents but because of money.

That said, I would definitely not be doing what I do now (I teach), I would be a professional/world-class backgammon player. I’d spend all my time in a casino playing high stakes, and traveling to different places to play in the various world tournaments.

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When I was growing up, I always dreamed of living on the beach, in a house with a picket fence in front and full of kids, and gradually grandkids. I got everything I wanted.

I did have to move away from the beach, but I visit often.

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Trying to figure that out.

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I would have said “yes” more often to…

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Eat acorns & fart nutty bombs in the general direction of the local squirrel community, that’ll scatter the little bastards.

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I would become a tapeworm farmer.

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I think it’s more about finding the person to go with. Starting over alone somewhere new would suck, even if you did have money.

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