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Have you watched a cartoon lately?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) December 29th, 2012

What was it? Something new or revisiting childhood?

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I just watched Finding Nemo.
Because Nemo is the shit.

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I just watched Aladden the other night. Revisiting my daughters childhood Disney moments.
Bambi is more like mine. That’s one really old deer now. lol

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LOL I actually seen the Yu-Gi_Oh cartoon today.

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I saw something involving Spongebob’s pet snail being menaced by a giant carnivorous slug. That was about 2 years ago.

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The most recent one I saw in theaters was Rise of the Guardians, I thought it was pretty awesome.

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The new Beavis&Butthead episodes. The boys still got it! :D

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The Boondocks(TV_series) and Black Dynamite(TV_series)

(Adult Swim)


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@Symbeline I had no idea they were still kicking. I’ll have to see if I can find those new episodes online.

financially I had to make a decision it was either cable or internet and phone, I chose to have internet and phone

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You can see all the episodes for free on the MTV website. (Both USA and Canadian sites) If you live in another country though, not sure if MTV is present in them. The site won’t let you watch them if you’re not in one of the two places.

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@Symbeline Awesome! They say you learn new things everyday, which I usually do, but this is certainly one of the more important things I’ve learned recently. LOL

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As a matter of fact I love to get drunk, listen to music and turn on some cartoons (muted) and pretend that the cartoon is the music video for the song.

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I’ve watched a few episodes of Family Guy, one old Mickey & Donald cartoon and a bit of Gravity Falls within the last 24 hours.

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Only myself in the mirror.

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I watched King of the Hill.
It’s one of my favourite shows..and the only good show I get on television.

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I watch them all the time, having kids is just the excuse I need.
Last one I actually watched was DangerMouse, a cool arse cartoon from the eighties, yeah that’s right…I got dvd’s & no fucker gonna lend em!!

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I tend to watch more cartoons than anything else.While most people assume cartoons are automatically things for children, I find that some animated shows and movies have the ability to tell much more complex and meaningful stories than their live action counter parts.

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I watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks this afternoon, that has cartoons in it! I enjoy adult cartoons like Family Guy as well.

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I watched Waking Life last week. It’s a full length animated film. I saw it when I was in high school, and it was wonderful to see it again.

I’ve also been overdosing on Daria. I had been craving it for years but couldn’t find full episodes online, but Hulu finally scored all the seasons!

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I like to watch Family Guy once in a while. Now that you said it, I want to watch Looney Tunes again…especially Bugs Bunny. He was always my favorite.

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South Park

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@jonsblond I decided to watch every episode of south park in order recently. Im up to season 9 now…Fuckin netflix :P

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@uberbatman I think I’ve seen every episode as many times as I have seen The Brady Bunch episodes. Every episode at least 4 or 5 times. South Park is one of the few shows that gets me laughing out loud. I love it.

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I’m an anime fan and want to be an animator so yes. I watch plenty of cartoons. I love Family Guy to Legend of Korra to stuff like Sword Art Online and Naruto. :)

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Ratatouille was on last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Just watched two Superman full-length cartoon films produced by Warner Bros. They are pretty good, imo. Always enjoy watching the well executed action scenes and there really are good and decent attempts at storytelling on an adult level.

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Stewie from Family Guy is hilarious and there are two of them here

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Not really a cartoon, but Ted is fucking hilarious, Seth…make more movies purleeeze!!

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Has anyone seen the new Looney Tunes cartoon? Its so painfully horrible.

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I just saw some of The Lion King.

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I’m currently watching Brave.

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@Leanne1986 That’s a cute movie. I just watched it with my daughter two weeks ago. I could watch it again. =)

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I havent seen it yet, how does it compare with other stuff from Pixar?

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I wouldn’t put it in the top 5 Pixar films, but I would put it in the top 10. We watched it right after the shootings in Connecticut. I thought it would be a nice distraction for my daughter since she was scared about going to school and she was also sad about what happened. I think the reasons why we watched the movie when we did and the fact that the story is about a daughter and her mom might not make me the best person to answer your question @uberbatman. I might be a bit biased. We had many reason to enjoy the film. :)

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@Leanne1986 That movie rules.

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I loved it. The scenery is beautiful even in cartoon form!

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@uberbatman I regret to digress fom my respected jellies opinions about Brave but it is the worst Pixar movie so far. It was very un-Pixar like. I had no idea who green lighted that project but it felt like they tried to make a hybrid of a Pixar and a Disney movie and for me, it just failed.

I also feel Pixar already started to decline with Wall-E and UP. I remember John Lassiter introducing Miyazaki’s movies when Disney bought and released their DVDs here in the US. I felt then that John, since he is a fan of Miyazaki, would make sure to come up with non-Disney like animated films like Finding Nemo and Toy Story 1.

But I don’t know what happened. After Nemo and Toy Story 1 and the perfectly done, latest Toy Story installment ( written by an outsider ), Pixar seemed to be on the wane. It’s just a feeling I have that if they fail again with their next project, Pixar would lose more of its creative aura and prestige.

I wish they would come up with a movie that would just catch us by surprise, and still with the touching elements of the human condition intact but presented in a way only the creative minds in Pixar could do.

I’m not really surprised because Pixar has insulated itself from outside ideas and focused on doing projects conceptualized by loyal insiders. I could be wrong though but that was what an acquaintance of mine who works for Pixar kinda intimated a few years ago.

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@uberbatman, what new Looney Tunes movie…? Anything post-Chuck Jones isn’t generally worth watching, IMHO.

@mazingerz88, while I too think “Brave” wasn’t as good as the earlier movies (and I won’t be purchasing “Brave” to keep at home), it isn’t the worst Pixar movie (at least to me; I know this is a subjective comment!). I did not care for either of the Cars movies, and do not really like “A Bug’s Life”; to me those three are the weakest entries. Why do you feel the quality declined with “Wall-E” and “UP”? I personally think “UP” was very well done, and the first seven minutes alone constitutes one of the best opening sequences of films in the last few years.

However, I too am a bit apprehensive about the marriage between Pixar and Disney (Dixar? Pixney?) and I agree that the suits at Disney obviously had input on “Brave” that they probably shouldn’t have. Disney hasn’t made a real classic in years (although “Tangled” and “The Princess and the Frog” are way better than some of the stinkers they’ve made the last 10–15 years), and seems to be intent on fortifying its bottom line by buying (and ruining/potentially ruining) other properties/studios, in addition to reaping profits from the parks (where inflation seems to ignore the economic realities of the average potential visitor).

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@AngryWhiteMale I forgot about the Cars movies. I have only seen the first one and while it was not groundbreaking, I found the story, the plotting and the visuals engaging enough not to dislike it. I would respectfully disagree with A Bug’s Life as a weak entry. I would label it quite good and this is maybe because I graded it in comparison with Dreamwork’s Antz.

I think there was a race between Pixar and Dreamworks in releasing each of their movies and there were accusations thrown around that someone stole the idea from the other. Anyhow, I find A Bug’s Life’s storytelling to be smart without being downright silly. And their animation was way superior than Dreamworks. Although, I would admit, Antz was not a disaster for me since they tapped Woody Allen and Sylvester’s Stallone’s voice talents. ( wondering what that says about me…lol. )

I guess Pixar’s approach is come up with a movie that both kids and their parents would enjoy and I understand pulling that off each time successfully would be quite difficult. I’m sure I’m being quite unfair. After Finding Nemo and Toy Story 1, I couldn’t help but to expect the same level of surprising creativity.

But UP wasn’t that. I don’t think a great montage in a movie saves and makes the whole movie. And if that montage is what people remember about that movie, then something is wrong. The whole second half was pretty weak, imo. The same part of the movie that didn’t work well with Wall-E, again, imo. None of that satisfied feeling and natural high that I got after watching Nemo and Toy Story 1 and its latest installment.

Brave to me was the worst, because each Pixar film takes what, at least two to three years to make and that movie, as their latest offering, was just bland, unimaginative and uninspired for a major film offering from Pixar. They dropped the ball big time.

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@mazingerz88 I think Cars is the worst Pixar movie but like I said above I havent seen Brave yet. I have to disagree about UP though. After Finding Nemo I think Up is my favorite Pixar movie. I do get what your saying about Pixar though because they really are one of my favorite studios and seeing the way Brave looked I kinda just thought this is totally a disney movie, not Pixar quality. I havent given up hope yet. While it is a sequel, or prequel rather, Monsters Inc 2 looks like it can be really good and I quite enjoyed the first one.

@AngryWhiteMale Its not a movie, its a tv show… They essentially made a whole new cartoon show but drew everyone as looney toons for branding to draw viewers to a show that never would have made it otherwise

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@mazingerz88, yeah, in comparison with “Antz”, “A Bug’s Life” was definitely the better movie. But I still think it’s one of Pixar’s weaker entries (again, my subjective view…).

I agree, I think Pixar is trying to aim at as wide an audience as possible; Disney used to be the same way, til they got too formulaic and cutesy (and too fond of sequels and bottom lines…).

In reflection, “UP” was stronger the first half, you’re right. I still think it was a very good movie, overall. I’d have to watch “Wall-E” again though. It’s been a while.

@uberbatman, ah, a TV show. That explains why I haven’t heard of it. Again, anything post-Chuck Jones isn’t as good as the earlier eras.

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