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Would you like to tell us about one of your crazy neighbors?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) January 18th, 2013

I live in an apartment block, which is quite small and pretty, and sits on the verge of the city. I can see the sea from my window and the city skyline. Which can be quite beautiful in different lights.

I think all of my neighbors are a bit off the wall. This morning, my new neighbor from upstairs, came past my kitchen window, peered in and said “Did you have a good night?”

Perhaps this is customary for Angolans. He is built like a brick-house and his name is Candy!

No one has asked me before if I have had a good night (sleep?).

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That’s weird. lol. And yes I’d love to tell you about my crazy neighbor. I used to live in an apartment for awhile before I moved where I am now, anyways when I lived there across the hall there we’re these two mentally ill people I know who am I to talk since I am also mentally disabled

But they were hoarders, I’m not sure what the male had but he talked a mile a minute, stated things over and over again autism maybe he was also a chemistry genius.

Ok. So I thought they were nice and looked past the smells of them and their apartment and would talk to them every once in while.

I did not know I would get dragged into their life to the point they would knock on my door all hours of the night. My dog was outside one day and an off leash dog in the apartment came at my dog so he let it know he didn’t hurt it he was just uncomfortable anyway my crazy neighbor was out there and called the animal control…not something I would do, so she pretty much got me involved where I didn’t want to be.

The relationship for me was uncomfortable I was just trying to be friendly I wasn’t asking for a bff. If I didn’t answer the door she’d leave notes under my door and if I didn’t get the note in time they would bang on my door and then if I answered the door they would tell me I shouldn’t leave things under the door then people know I’m not home. She really wanted my cellphone number but I told her it cost me to make calls and wasn’t a good idea since I had little money.

When I left the apartment I left on the promise that I’d keep in touch and it really seemed like they were devastated to have me gone. I haven’t talked to them since tbh it’s a relief that they aren’t in my life constantly and know my every move.
Until my home phone rang one day with the old apartment name on caller ID, the answering machine picked it up it was his voice! They called a few times after so I had my mother answer the phone and say, “who, what, where?”

Thankfully they haven’t called since.
They were like leeches, talk about OCD

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I think I am the weird neighbor.

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My craziest “neigh-bor” is a 17 hand thoroughbred mule that is always getting herself in trouble. Most recently Hillary pushed the fence down after a few weeks of storms that left a couple of fence posts listing off of my driveway and ate my bamboos and himalayan honeysuckle around my patio. She brays like a freight train, likes to sneak over and scare me when I am in my hot tub at night, bangs the gate with her hoof until you take her carrots, moans and whines under my bedroom window if she gets stuck in my yard, refuses to leave the yard and if you tick her off she will head butt you like a rag doll. All in play, but being shoved around by a 1,300 lb. mule is rather intimidating.

She is much preferable to all the perverts and other lunatics I have lived near over the years. I’ll keep my crazy neigh-bor. lol

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(This is according to my family because I was too young to remember): Where I used to live, two sisters lived in the apartment next to us. They never went outside; they were hermits. One would go out once early every morning to walk a dog and that was all you would see of her. I’d assume that she’d also go out to buy provisions, but nobody ever heard anything of them.

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My hubby and I lived in a 55 plus community. (For the record, he qualified us, not me.)
The houses were pretty close together. It was a sunny Saturday morning so we had the windows open. We were being lazy and watching TV. Hubby is a little hard of hearing so I have to admit the TV was loud. We also had a new puppy and he and the old dog were making a little extra noise getting to know each other.
Oh, I should add that I was bare naked and hubby was in his underwear.
We were watching something suspenseful on TV and I looked up to see a man inside the front door of our house! I yelled, “there’s a man in the door!”
Hubby starts looking on the TV for a door to see the man. I yell, “No! Our door! There’s a man in our house! I grab a blanket and hubby jumps up.
In his underwear he starts thumping the guy in the chest saying, “Get out of my house!”
The guy starts telling him that we are making to much noise and he’s calling the police.
Hubby says, “Please Do!”
A half hour later the police knock on our door. The man told him that he walked into our house! They ask us if we want him arrested.
We said “no, just tell him not to bother us anymore.”
The guy probably had a legitimate complaint. We probably WERE making to much noise on a Saturday morning, but to walk into our house????

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Not me, but a friend of the family…
They were living in a fairly tight-packed neighborhood, and the neighbors next door had the largest yard in the place. This family had three teenage or twenty-something sons. They were an odd family. But the boys were always taking advantage of their huge yard, at the expense of everyone else. One summer, they were on a fireworks kick. They got a ton of expensive, large fireworks, and were shooting them all over the place. Did I mention it was an extremely dry year? These boys kept starting fires all over their neighborhood. The police came a few times, and they were fined, but they kept lighting the neighborhood up. They finally got arrested when they lit my friend’s roof and lawn on fire. The battle for insurance to pay for the damages lasted about a year or so.

That’s the only crazy neighbor story I’ve got.

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I don’t know if this qualifies as crazy, but to me it’s a mystery. My next-door neighbors and I have never developed any kind of relationship, not even to say an occasional “hi,” mainly because of how much I dislike it that they keep two large dogs in their back yard who bark non-stop night and day, all seasons. The mystery is that almost Saturday morning their driveway is filled with cars, sometimes as many as 10, and I never see them arrive or see any people at their house. And then sometime late Sunday the cars vanish, and again, I never seen this happen. It’s like they materialize and then dematerialize. My theory is that it’s a family or friendship group thing and they all go off somewhere, maybe to cabin. But if they do meet and go somewhere, what’s their transportation if all the cars are still at the house? What’s your theory?

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Maybe they are 7th day adventists having some sort of Saturday worship and they never do leave.They are sacrificing goats in their basement or something. haha
I live in the Jehovahs witness zone, I do not know HOW these people find me but, I just close my ranch gate and turn the geese out…my gander has taken down a witness or two in his day. lol

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I had a neighbour across the road who was very strange to say the least. She used to get a lot of help as she said she could not go out of the door, but if you looked outside at 6am you would see her walking about in her garden where she would pick up any rubbish that had blown in before depositing it in another garden next door. She then got the idea of stealing bricks from somewhere and started throwing them over the fence into another garden and also stealing milk that had been left for people and pouring it through their letterbox.

A young boy, he was 6 or 7 at the time, kicked his ball into her garden by mistake so he went to retrieve it so her reaction was to fly out, grab the ball, burst it, then spat on the child. To this day I can still clearly picture the boys father almost pulling her through the letterbox.

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My all time favorite was the extremely creepy, pasty white, leering 30 something yr. old guy that lived with his strange mother in a duplex I rented years ago. “Dale” was obsessed with me and was always lurking around and sneaking up on me in his creepy, silent way.
I hated flushing my toilet or showering because I just KNEW he could hear what I was doing through the walls. He became especially creepy when I was pregnant with my daughter and was always wanting to fondle my belly. Gah!

I still feel a shiver run down my spine just thinking of him. The guy was seriously creepy!

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Coloma, LOL! Actually, I kind of thought it might be a religious thing too. But all I’ve ever seen in the back yard is dogs, no goats. ;-)

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@Coloma. Dales are always creepy. Did we have this conversation before? I have a creepy cousin named Dale.

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@Judi Yes! My list of mens names to avoid are ” Dales, Darrels and Waynes.” haha
They are all weirdos IMO. lol

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@shippy, you could well be right !!!

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I haven’t had neighbors in a while now. The last neighbor I can remember was pretty messed up in the head though. Used to be very much into the whole satanic thing. When I was a kid I found a dead bird in my tree with a noose around its neck…

When I was staying in Honduras for a month my neighbor was pretty crazy too though. Every morning she would scream at the top of her lungs in Spanish at her kids. Most used phrase “QUE PUTAS!?!” and then at night time I’m pretty sure her house turned into a whore house cause there were multiple guys comin and goin all night and we’d often hear moaning. “AY DIOS MIO!!!” “ME AMIGO!”(always thought callin someone your friend while they were pounding you was a bit odd though)

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Oh gosh yes. A family moved into the house next door last summer. The previous resident had converted the 2 car garage into a daycare center, so there is no usable garage now. Anyway, there are 5 grown men and 2 grown women living there. When they arrived, they had 12 cat cages on the deck, each with at least one cat in them and several with more than one. They eventually brought the cats inside. They also have 8 dogs, which are inside most of the time, but who go absolutely apesh*t when they are outside. This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house that is probably around 2000 square feet. There are now 9 cars parked outside on the driveway, the street out front and in the side yard. The yard is filled with junk (a bed frame, a gazebo, random furniture, plant pots, lawn mowers, hubcaps, etc.). They have a deck, but they do all their barbecuing, etc. on the driveway out front.

This Fall, I noticed my back fence had been badly damaged. It looked like someone had backed a truck into it. My lawn is flat and their lawn is the beginning of an abrupt and steep hill. Coincidentally, the camper shell that had been on their back deck was now on their truck. It was obvious to me they’d backed their truck up in my yard as close to their back fence as they could because my yard is flat and they’d screwed up and run into my fence – hard. When I was inspecting the damage, one of the men came out and started to tell me some b.s. story about how he’d “seen some kids messing with my fence and he ran them off.” Um, yeah. Right. Those kids would have had to have super human strength.

My house has a deck on the back, and their house has deck with a narrow section which goes partially down the side of their house and then opens into a back deck. The little side deck directly faces my deck and backyard. Whenever I come out onto my deck, one or more of the men come out on their side deck and stare at me. They never use the main portion of their deck, just the part that looks at my house. When I mow my lawn, they come out and stare at me. One day I was trying to trim my hedges and every time I’d come outside, they would come out and stare, so I’d go back in. They’d go back in. I’d wait a while and go back outside and they’d come out again and continue staring. This went on for about five tries and I finally just gave up and got a friend to trim my hedges for me. I also stopped mowing my lawn and hired a neighborhood kid to do it. They are the creepiest EVER. I refinished my deck this summer and I had an audience the entire time I did it. Five guys. The houses are relatively close together, so they are only about 15 to 20 feet away and burning a hole in me with their eyes.

The women are NEVER seen. My neighbor on the other side did meet the oldest woman one time and she said they are from Virginia, a family, the oldest woman is the mother and the men are her sons and grandson. The other woman is the wife of one of the men. I will be SO GLAD when they move away. I’m pretty sure they are renting and didn’t buy the property. Creepers for sure.

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@diavolobella Sounds like a nightmare ugh!

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@Shippy They are so weird. It’s almost like TV show weird.

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^^^ I’d probably tick them off by being brazenly bold and saying…” Helloooo…would you mind not staring at me while I am trying to work over here. Thanks bunches!—

I have a way with words and a tone of voice that gets results. haha

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One day I saw my neighbor across the street trying to shovel snow off her driveway with a flat cookie sheet so she could drive her car out. I ran over to her with 2 snow shovels to help her. When I introduced my self she bluntly said, “I know who you are. You’re THAT jogger.” I just let it go and helped her shovel her driveway, steps and part of the street in front of her driveway with no other words spoken. Then I told her that she can keep one of the snow shoves and she said, “No thanks. Someone will just steal it.” I said “If you need a snow shovel then just use one of mine. I leave them next to my garage”. No reply from her.

That was about 5 years ago and I have no idea why she acted so coldly toward me. From then on I try to avoid her and never say hi.

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@gondwanalon What a grouch, I wouldn’t have been able to resist a little sarcastic ” It’s been a PLEASURE, you’re a regular little miss sunshine, I can tell! ” haha

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@gondwanalon Wow, what a miserable crab. You should have buried her under the snow. LOL

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@diavolobella Lol…A fitting burial, ice for the ice queen. haha

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You should go to the tax assessors office and find out who the owner is and let hem know. As a rental property owner I would want to know about someone trashing my property.

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I actually did that, but unfortunately the owner’s address is registered as the property address. I know by the date the owner acquired the property that it is not the current residents. So, no way to contact them. I’ve considered calling Codes though.

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^^^ That’s why it’s nice to seek no neighbors unless they have hooves. I’d rather live next door to real jackasses than human ones. haha

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@diavolobella does you area have restrictions on how many dogs and cats can be present without a kennel license? That might be part of code enforcement, too. My town’s code is so strict every garage is required to have space in it for one car (hoarders beware, most of my neighbors would fail that one).

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@bewailknot I imagine so, but I need to confirm it. I know there are restrictions on the number of vehicles you can have parked on your property, especially when they are not on the driveway or street. I’ll have to research the pet issue. I can’t imagine how nasty the inside of that house is.

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I live next door to a mental home….nuff said.

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^^^ Hahaha….stories please! :-)
I was so shocked when I moved to L.A. as a 21 year old. OMG!
I will never forget coming across these two old hookers one night, completely drunk, about 70 years old, seriously, with their stockings rolled down to their ankles, swearing like sailors and staggering down the sidewalk. I thought ALL little old ladies were like my grandma. Wrong!

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@Coloma That’s a brutal sight to see. Must’ve been such an eye-opener haha.

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@dxs It was, I was traumatized. They were also kicking a poor,drunk bum passed out on the sidewalk and saying in their gravely,drunk, old hooker voices ” get up, yer gonna get busted!” OMG! Talk about culture shock! haha

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@Coloma I’m surprised they’re still living at their age for such a lifestyle.

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@dxs, they could be a lot younger than they looked, considering their lifestyle.

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We moved away from a crazy one. It was overlooking a golf course. The man would stand out on his deck and yell at the golfers, Hey, you! That’s against the rules!

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You guys would love me this morning. I was just out honking my goose call to draw in the Canada geese. To feed them and shoot them, with my camera.
My geese are shrieking too, the call of the wild.

The goose call was a gag gift that has turned out to be loads of fun.
It could also double as an awesome rape whistle.
Be glad I am not your neighbor. lol

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@Coloma They have karaoke sessions in the garden regardless of the weather and, strangely, they usually choose heavy metal as their chosen songs rather than the normal cheesy pop classic! They fight loudly, A LOT, at all hours but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone, we all just accept it. The police are called from time to time but I think that’s by the people that work there rather than the neighbours. I have never felt worried or unsafe living next door, they’re rowdy at worst.

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@Leanne1986 Heavy metal karaoke? Oh wow…that must be really baaad.
I’d whip out my aquazooka turbo squirt guns that shoot a 50 foot stream of water at them. ;-)

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@Coloma It is bad but also HILARIOUS!

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