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Women: does your purse fairly accurately reflect how much of a neatnick or slob you are?

Asked by JLeslie (54508points) January 20th, 2013

I remember once watching a show where a woman asked to look inside another woman’s purse, and she said it gives her a clue to how neat and organized a woman really is.

I just cleaned out my wallet. I had some papers from many months ago in there. I tend to be disorganized in my purse in general, not just my wallet, but I would love for it to be neat and organized. Pretty much my house is like that. Things get out of sorts, and then I go through and do a big clean, and then things eventually get messy again. I don’t out everything away every day. But, I love a neat house, and would love to have a place for everything.

At work I am very organized. For whatever reason work is different than my home.

Men: feel free to comment on regarding the women you know.

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