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What are some of the different jobs you've done in your life?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) January 24th, 2013

And what kind of employers have you had? Names if you want to, but just type of company, if not.

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Members of the House of Representatives, on Capitol Hill in D.C.

Public accounting (CPA) firms.

Housewife. (The most rewarding and enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.)

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Car Parking Valet
Steamfitter on Oil Refinery Construction
Hotel Night Auditor
Grocery Store Cashier Scab
Options Exchange Order Book Trader/Official

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US Navy (Electrician)
Machinist (CNC and manual)
Engineering consultant
Loading/unloading trucks
Warehouse (order selection and shipping)
Paper mill
Supermarket (both register and stockroom)
Electronics assembly worker
Jewelry polisher
Cat wrangler

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@jerv I hope you got paid by the hour for cat wrangling. :)

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Newspaper writer/editor
Magazine writer/editor
Advertising copywriter/manager
TV commercial producer/director/writer
Voice talent
Video and audio producer
Copy editor

… and going waaaaay back to my first job, a cashier in a lady’s unwear store

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Academic Chairperson
twice, five years apart

Creative Director

Advertising/Marketing Manager

College Instructor

Graphic Designer
print, web, event graphics


Picture Framer

Airbrush Artist


Architectural Model Builder

Retail Clerk
shoes, clothes, tobacco

Flower Bundler
paid in cookies. seriously.

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Sales Assistant for some catalogue company (which really stank)
Warehouse Laborer (which also really stank – I was unfairly dismissed from that one)
CCTV operator (not half as much fun as some people might think)
aaaand back to sales assistant again for five years.,
Customer service for three….and now er….“I guess a man of leisure”, which is also not as much fun as some might think – not easy living on peanuts.

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I was an Inward operator for AT&T 35 years ago. What that meant was I sat at a large board of lights, and plugged into those lights, and handled overseas, hospital, and prison phone calls. I used to talk to Patty Hearst every day.

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Lifeguard/swimming instructor

Theme park castmember

Radio DJ/News Reporter

TV News Reporter/Writer

Professional Model

Professional Stage/TV actress

Rock Musician/Singer-Songwriter

Advertising Agency assistant

Book Editor

Veterinary Assistant

Entertainment Law/Artist Development and Management Paralegal

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Ha! Make that UNDERWEAR store !!! UNWEAR would be something quite different. ;-)

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library page, restaurant hostess/waitress, bookstore clerk, middle, then high school English teacher

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•Assistant Professor (Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics)
•Foreign Language Instructor (Procter & Gamble)
•Foreign Language Instructor (Schlumberger)
•Freelance Translator
•Project Assistant (ConocoPhillips)
•Project Assistant (Statoil)
•Assistant to Tony Hayward (British Petroleum)
•Secretary to General Manager (Royal & SunAlliance)
•Admin. Manager Assistant (Hewlett-Packard)
•Ground Crew (American Airlines)
•TV Commercial Model

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Hay stacker
Calf boy
Door to door canvasser
Research intern
HR intern
Research assistant
Software trainer
Jazz musician
health policy analyst
policy analyst for many different subject areas
Research consultant

I’ve worked for a couple of unions, a city government agency, a think tank, and a university. I’ve also had a lot of gigs with small organizations who needed to hire musicians and dancers.

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Paper route delivering the Los Angeles Times.
Staff at YMCA Camp Whittle, near Big Bear Lake.
Winter maintenance crew at Camp Mozumdar, also in the San Bernardino mountains.
Car wash worker.
Good Humor ice cream truck driver.
Mail handler for the USPS.
Shopping cart retriever for Fedco.
Machinist mate in the US Navy.
Frame attendant for Pacific Bell.
Communications technician for Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T.
Poll worker for Los Angeles city and county.

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Sales assistant (Shoe shop)
Cleaner (Fish and chip shop)
Usherette (Entertainment centre)
Secretary (Manufacturing company)
PA (Engineering company)
Administrator (Retail organisation)
Admin Officer (Transport company)
Administrator (Retail organisation)
Director (own business)
PA (Floor covering consortium)
Director (own business)
Freelance journalist
Research assistant (University)
Assistant Professor (University)
Professor (University)

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I’ve worked in several pet stores,
been on waitstaff,
worked in video stores,
drug stores,
child care worker,
I’ve worked at Goodwill during my rehab
and most recently I worked in Medical Records at a hospital.
Now that I’m on SSD, I“m not really allowed to work for pay, so I volunteer so that I can keep busy and do something helpful for my community.

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Can I just add where I live I would be referred to as a Lecturer not a Professor. That is a title awarded after a number of promotions.

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Keypunch operator.
Dollar General clerk.
7–11 clerk.
Hair washer at hair salon.
Hotel front desk.
Assistant manager (in-training) at Lady Footlocker Casuals.
Corporate travel agent.
Leisure travel agent.
Data entry at food distribution warehouse.

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Astronomical researcher
French teacher
Director of college placement
Hand-made quilt maker and ELS teacher after retirement

Parent and wife

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Newspaper delivery boy
Movie projectionist
Retail clerk
Manager of retail clerks
Expert witness
Manager of telemarketers
Data analyst
Database developer
IT Support Specialist
IT Consultant
Database administrator

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Oh man, lets see, starting from the beginning:

Dog walker
Crab leg cracker in a fish factory ( lasted 3 weeks, brutal work! )
Dog bather at a grooming shop
Insurance receptionist
Ranch hand and horse groom
Wildlife rehabber
4-H group leader
Real estate assistant
Customer service and accounts receivable for a large import co.
Retail clerk in a high end gift shop
Assisted living caregiver
Interior design and staging work

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Hostess/Server at Applebee’s
Receptionist at an eye clinic
Cashier at Lowe’s
Bank teller
Intern at the Dept. of Probation

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Band Instrument Repair Tech (I fixed clarinets, flutes and brass instruments)
Pizza & Beer Delivery driver
Radio DJ
1–900 Phone Sex Operator (Really. Tho, just one night)
RPS (now FedEx) truck unloader
ESL Teacher
(Japanese to English) Translator for schematics for Robot Manufacturing company
Software Tester
Code Monkey
Pre-Sales Engineer

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I’ve been on the academic track since college, so I have had very few non-bookish jobs. So my resume is pitiful, but my CV is looking pretty good considering how young and early in my career I am.

-various kinds of temping (spreadsheet maven)
-customer service (I don’t want to talk about it; God bless those who do this for a living)
-research assistant for professors
-academic tutor
-Teaching Assistant (it’s more like being an indentured servant than a job really…)

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day camp counselor
drugstore clerk (I got to be a soda jerk for 1 day and a regular clerk the rest of the time)
insurance company clerk (a Bob Crachit kind of scene: tall desk, big ledgers, straight pen dipped in ink and such)
occupational therapist
O.T. in the U.S. army
private detective
O.T in Veterans psychiatric hospital
teacher, high school science, biology, health, special education
teacher, jr. high school English, science, drama, art, special education
property mistress for theater company
musical comedy casts (didn’t get paid much, but we were paid.)

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Chicken fryer at KFC (also got to cut the f*ckers up with a band saw!!).
Framing carpenter
Survey crewmember
Product Engineer
Project Manager
General Contractor
Old fucker.

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What I actually am proud of is that I wasn’t hired by Burger King. I don’t know for sure, but I believe that the main reason is that I needed to have too many confirmed days off every week. I was in too many things that required my presence every time.

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I didn’t work in high school so I’m only on my first job right now. I’m a paid tutor. I tutor differential equations. The thing that’s different about it from your average tutor is that I do group tutoring sessions. Sometimes just one person shows up and I get to work with them one-on-one, but other times, like this week, I have 10–20 people and have to split up my time between them. That and the fact that differential equations are no walk in the park make it a challenging job, but I love it.

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@rojo I would love to hear your worst story about working at KFC.

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@burntbonez I thought you were going to answer your own question too ;)

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