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Best used cars ajax dealers?

Asked by usedcarsajax (2points) February 1st, 2013

I want to buy a used car so which car should i go through and i also wanna know what do used car dealers do with the floor mats they take out of cars?

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According to me you should go through Acura due to its Honda reliability and luxury and Supreme auto group are the best used cars ajax dealers.
Secondly, Most of used car dealers throw them away. There are other more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of used car floor mats.

The carpeting and rubber backing from the mats are excellent insulators. Used car floor mats could be used in the attic of a home to improve insulation.
I have seen car floor mats cut into sections and used a knee protectors for gardening or construction work.
Used car floor mats can also be placed on the floor of the garage to absorb leaks and spills underneath the car.
You can visit their website at http://saglive247.com/

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