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How can I bypass the firewall to download files from torrent?

Asked by elhaha1001 (380points) February 6th, 2013

So I have downloaded the torrent files (.torrent) on my computer and I have opened it with utorrent.

but this time the files wouldn’t be downloaded. it is stuck.
screenshot would be below.


I’m downloading from campus and this has been going on for a week and i suspect that the campus put on some firewall so that the students would not be able to download files from torrent.

is there any way that I can bypass the firewall somehow?

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EDIT: Didn’t read the fine print.

I can’t in good conscience help you bypass a campus firewall measure that prevents you from downloading copyright content. If this were your own private home network, it would be that your ISP might have busted you for downloading stuff, but the worst they tend to do initially is throttle your connection. My advice – like it or not – is to use campus network for campus stuff.

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@SamandMax i can download from my private home network just fine without trouble.

from campus it has just happened recently, not just on my computer but also on everybody’s computer. wondering how to bypass the firewall

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Sorry bud, you’re gonna have to keep wondering on this one.

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