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Remote Upload:

Asked by shared3 (921points) January 25th, 2009

I want to do a remote upload but I want to upload from a website that requires an authorization. I remember I’ve done this before with something like or something similiar. WHat exactly is the methiod?

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I believe you’re talking about FTP, though I have not used it for a lot of uploading through browsers so I’m afraid I can’t help you too much with it.

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From some browsers, you can do:

What you can do from there is entirely up to your browser.

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This is indeed FTP from within a web browser. It’s a completely different service running on the server than http(web). If all you want to do is download from a secure site then you can use any web browser or ftp client. However if you wish to upload something to the site then you can use an ftp client or windows explorer.

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If it is FTP and you want to upload files you will more than likely be wanting some proper FTP software as browsers aren’t designed for that. Try FileZilla – free and easy to use.

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You can install a (surprisingly good) FTP client within your browser:

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yes actually it is exactly how you described. For http, not ftp, some sites use the method of appending the username and password to the start of the url in the format, but I hardly know of any sites today that accept this validation technique because of its rampant misuse for phising (eg, people mistakenly click on, and the site just ignores the authentication data and serves up a valid looking facebook login page.

Although firefox keeps thinking ‘username’ is a protocol, since it ends with a :, like http: and ftp:, and hence tries to open the url directly, resulting in an error :S
Is the method not working for you? If you’ve used a similar method before, it means the site supports it, so it must be the FTP solution the others are mentioning here.

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FireFTP is really good considering it’s free and integrated into FF. The only thing it lacks (IMO) is thumbnail viewing.

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@skorned, it does work if the address is in such form: There is no error, but a popup window occurs, asking whether to login with such credentials.

And there are plenty of websites that use such validation – the sites that hold the majority of the content on the internet – porn sites.

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