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What's your "TLDR" threshold?

Asked by thorninmud (20457points) February 15th, 2013

How much text is just too much to be worth the trouble?

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I am a bit snobbish and ignore WoTs like the plague.

Mark Twain once wrote sorry I wrote such a long letter; I didn’t have time to write a short one.

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I would say my reading limit is a couple of pars of 150 well chosen words each (300 in total). I don’t want to read a post this long every time but longer than that and I tend to tune out or skip over. I have been guilty of writing more myself but I do try to keep it fairly brief.

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I have never reached it.

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Anything more than a one-liner & I get dizzy…ish ;-}

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“Too Long, Didn’t Read”

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Wall o Text.

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@rebbel But you’re the king of acronyms!

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I’ll read it all if it’s a topic I care about and I have the time to read it.

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Some people write so well I don’t notice and I can read quite a bit. Which is strange as I have the attention span of an ant. Others not so much. I feel I have stopped reading a question in completeness which I am sad at. So I spend less time here now. As if I can’t read the question properly I can’t answer to the best of my ability.

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Well that depends. I’m prepared to read very long texts if it catches me. But like @zensky, I completely despise text walls, and will barely make an attempt at reading them. It doesn’t mean that the person has nothing good to say, but fuck, use paragraphs damn it.

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Depends on the topic. I’ll read a novel if it’s well written and interesting.

I have no tolerance for Wall o’ Text. Paragraphs ROCK!

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I wouldn’t read anything I wrote that was longer than a sentence.

But I read for different reasons than I write. I write to find out what I think. I read to be informed. Inform me fast or you’re toast!

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Entirely dependent on the subject and the writer’s ability. Wall o’ Text is a huge turn off, as are excessive typos and txtspk. If it’s well written and the topic is one I’m interested in, I’ll read every word.

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I am guilty of being overly verbose. It does take time to parse it down to bare essentials and I am usually multitasking so it doesn’t happen.

But I also like narratives.

There are times when I don’t read lengthy responses sometimes because of content or grammar but also due to time constraints.

Wall Of Texts are annoying.

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@wundayatta Quick! Gotta teach him something…hmm lessee here…okay so in the medieval ages, men did not shake hands when they met, they shook ’‘wrists’’. I’m sure you’ve seen that before. Instead of grabbing the hand, you grab the person’s forearm, and they, yours. But ever wonder why? Huh?

Well, I don’t actually know, but according to Mike Judge, people back then did that to make sure the other person wasn’t carrying a hidden dagger in their sleeves. Those musta been some hardcore times to live in. ’‘shakes’’ Aye man, just checkin to make sure thou won’t kill me while I’m having this right here mutton chop.

Now I hope you didn’t already know that, because I’m not comfortable with the idea of being a toast.

Also, I’m awesome. Now you know that, too. but you already did, I’m sure :D

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@Symbeline LOL So funny :))))

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It took me seven years but I finally managed to teach one of my employees to avoid writing TLDR emails. I consider it one of my major accomplishments as a manager.

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Almost nonexistent on here if the topic is of interest to me.

But I have no TLDR threshold on websites that aren’t moderated for writing standards. Fluther has spoiled me. I get paid to read essays full of spelling, grammar, and sentence errors, but I don’t want to do it in my free time.

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It completely depends upon the subject matter and whether the writer has a good command of the written English language. I have a pretty high threshhold for reading long posts, and I am known as one of the long answer posters, because often there is plenty to say about a particular subject.

There have been a few instances where I have read the first sentence of a long post and do not continue, because the poster is giving a bad/wrong/misinformed/rant of an answer, but it wasn’t the length of the answer that was the problem, it was the answer itself that was the problem LOL.

There was one recent post on a Q, in which I can’t recall the subject, where the OP himself wrote a post in single spacing that went on longer than any post I’ve ever seen on Fluther and the beginning of it was rather nonsensical, so I just walked away (even though I was curious to know why someone would make a post like that) It was almost like it was written in binary code, but just happened to be using actual words, but it was still not understandable. It was the person who was asked to stop asking multiple, multiple, multiple questions in the details of their Q’s. Forgot who that was.

I’ve even been willing to read super-long posts where someone was describing a scenario, with a bunch of players, and a multitude of different situations were happenening and how all of these things were somehow inter-connected, but written very badly by the OP. I would go in and give the players names, Mary, Bob, John, Elaine, Grover, Delbert, Penelope and so on, then I would ask questions to try to find out who did what to whom, and when. Those Q’s are actually kind of fun.

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@Kardamom: I really enjoy your thoughtful, long responses! You have helped many Jellies with them, including me. But I don’t have the patience to figure out what’s going on in the 12-friend-drama questions.

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@bookish1 Thank you : )

That is why I have taken the time to name all of the players, just so you can all follow along LOL.

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Aw @Symbeline. You almost make me believe that you care whether I read what you write. If you do, you’re probably one of a very few who do care. Not that anyone should.

I did read that post. Every word! Even if I had heard about the shaking hands thing as a weapons check. Not sure if I ever heard about shaking wrists. So yeah. Something new. Mission accomplished. But it was your mission. Not mine.

But sometimes I like to write long posts just to mess with people who claim not to want anything that is long. What can I say? I’m an asshole. You can tell by looking at my avatar!

Hmm. Do you think I should get a hat for my ass?

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@wundayatta Woop woop, I certainly do care when you read what I write. Frankly, I had absolutely no idea wrist shaking was an actual weapons check…I thought, probably, in Dungeons&Dragons. Just heard it in some cartoon.
But the point is, you read it, so if you were a fish, guess I’d have to hang you up on my wall. :)
But since we’re just squishies, and not fish, about a hug? :D

And yes. You should get a hat for your ass. I mean, how is that even a question, bro?

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Lately, my TLDR is about 3 sentences per paragraph. Unless it’s a good book. So if you’re planning on writing an epistle of some length make sure you’re writing it in good style and grab my attention within the first 3 sentences.

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Like anything well written, my logic is:
1) Read paragraph
2) Does it suck? go to 5
3) Are you tired or bored? go to 5
4) Does it compel you to read more? go to 1
5) Are you horny and need something more stimulating? go to 6
6) Is your SO snoring? go to 8
7) Is your SO interested? go to 69
8) Have you been here before and ready for more? go to 10
9) If you are too tired for even yourself, go to end
10) If no SO or no SO available, masturbate. go to 1
11) Are you done with the subject matter and want to read more? go to 1
12) Are you done with reading, SO and self? go to end

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