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Are you or an organization you are part of on the NRA's enemies list?

Asked by ETpro (34425points) February 16th, 2013

If you haven’t heard about the list, do not assume you’re safe. There are a sizable list of celebrities, athletes and ordinary people who somehow have ended up on the NRA’s enemies list. And when it comes to organizations, the AARP and virtually all organizations supporting the elderly are on the NRA enemies list. So I’m on it. Women’s groups, medical organizations, police and law enforcement groups, religious groups, Jewish groups, teaching and school organizations, sports teams and celebrities galore have made the grade to incur the NRA’s wrath. Are you a supporter or member of any of their hated groups, one of their targeted individuals, or are you one of the select few the NRA doesn’t hate? Here’s more on who’s on the now hidden list (2 copies of the list, found on the NRA web site singe Feb 2 have both been removed due to press coverage).

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