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Sunday is Funday question: bon appetite...

Asked by zensky (13357points) February 17th, 2013

Your chef is to the right of your armchair, your butler to your left.

While you are are having a foot rub, you may order whatever you wish:

What chef did you imagine and what shall he whip up for vous?

While you wait – why not snack and have a drink?

What did you ask the butler to fetch you?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… if only, eh?

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A nice, chilled shrimp cocktail, with a perfectly piquant sauce (just the right amount of horseradish) and a firm, fresh, chilled lemon wedge to add the right amount of lemony bite.

And a lap dance, but not from the butler or the chef.

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Something easy because I couldn’t ask people to go over the top. But a nice BLT with thick sliced “B” , on potato bread and a tall iced tea with lemon would hit the spot. Oh and if they wouldn’t mind, fix up a few pieces of “B” for my two dogs.

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Sunday is my chef & butler’s day off, they do work so hard.

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My chef and butler are the same man. He is planning something with lamb shoulder for dinner. He’s about to go to the market to select accompaniments. Ahhhh… the life of a Kat!

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Since I have not had breakfast yet, I will ask the Chef (Guy Fieri) to make me some huevos ranceros with refried beans and homestyle potatoes. I’ll ask the butler to pack my suitcase as I will be going off on a house sitting venture tomorrow. And since my butler is a very specific butler, I’ll ask him to entertain me like This

For a snack, I guess I’ll have some hot crispy tortilla chips and salsa as a precursor to my Mexican breakfast. And a glass of non-sweetened iced tea. I’m easy.

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I’d need a clever, creative vegan chef. No steamed-vegetable plates, thank you very much, but imaginative meals that incorporate legumes.

I’d ask the butler for a glass of dry white wine, but no snack; I don’t eat between meals.

Then, I’d invite both the chef and the butler to share my dinner and enjoy the wine. I believe in egalitarianism. People might serve me, but they’re not servile to me.

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@SadieMartinPaul I think I may have found your chef. He is Tal Ronnen

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I wouldn’t mind having This Chap as my butler. He could read me Winnie the Pooh books : )

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Nothing fancy, Jeeves. Just some chilled lobster with remoulade sauce, a small Caesar salad, chilled white wine, and for dessert, a souffle with vanilla sauce. Thanks!

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It’s awfully cold out. I’d like some warm comfort food. A braised lamb shank. For dessert, creme brulee.

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Dunno what I’d have if I had a chef, but I just whipped up some scrambled eggs with crispy fried blue oyster mushrooms, some kind of Swiss/Dutch cheese, and a few herbs. I had flax seed toast with local orange marmalade to go with. Honest. No one scrambles eggs better than I do. Not no chef anywhere. There are a few secret ingredients I didn’t tell you about, so don’t go getting cocky. And we haven’t even discussed method and pans and such.

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I’d fire both on the spot and order myself a pizza…

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@burntbonez I would love to hear some scrambled eggs hints. Mind turn out fine, but nothing to write home about. I read somewhere that stirring them slowly on a slightly lower temp is the way to go. Do you add milk or not?

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Partly because I’ve been thinking about tasty food as a result of this thread, I’m going to fix me some crash hot potatoes with dinner tonight.

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I shall have some delicious California champagne with a dash of raspberry juice and fresh raspberries floating in my flute to start.
Then some San Francisco french bread with fresh spinach dip, followed by a cucumber, tomato and black olive salad with balsamic dressing.
The main course will be a fat lobster tail with baked potato and asparagus.
For dessert, lemon cheesecake and lemon sorbet.

That will do just fine thank you. :-)

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@CWOTUS Now that’s how I like to learn new things. Exactly that way.

Anyone smart here know what kind of learner I am by that?

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@zensky I’d prefer to learn by having someone else make them for me, but I’ll let you know how these turn out. They’re about ready for the oven now. (But the oven’s not ready for them.)

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How bout starting off with munchies and freshness some love and to finish off the day satisfied. Well hmm I give in let’s go for dessert.

Sharing with all.

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I have recently become a vegan. Anything vegan without eggs of any sort. That usually cuts out all bread because it has some kind of eggs in it desserts almost always have eggs, cheese, or milk. So basically anything that is made by animals in conditions that I don’t know, I will not eat. Anyway lets just say I’m very picky. I’ll have to do it myself, I dont trust the chef, but the butler can be my help :)
Alfred Pennyworth
“At least you’ll have company”
The Dark Knight Rises

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl I’ll share my vegan fare see above links : )

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I think I’d like a nice Indian meal. Shrimp Malai and Poori would be nice.

Some nice appetizers would be good. I can’t figure it out now. Presumably the cook would know of some nice tasty appetizers and could offer me a selection.

I would have a female butler who loved me and would never deny me anything.

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Vada sambar, dude. I dream about that. With a nice lager or wit beer.
And then a butler and chef sandwich for dessert.

Bon ap, y’all.

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Ah man what a dream world! I want the best, freshest, organic, natural, just slaughtered earlier today thick ass steak. Cooked medium rare. With baby broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes. While I wait I’ll have a double Tito’s vodka & tonic, with a couple lemons. For dessert, apple pie and ice cream with caramel drizzled all over.

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You been spying on me again @zensky :P

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@rosehips Awesome! Thank you :)

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I spy where even Mods dare not go.

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Heston Blumenthal is standing next to me. He is going to cook me the various elements on his tasting menu. It’s about the only way I am likely to ever get to try his food.

My butler will bring me gin and tonic to drink while I wait for Heston to bring out my red cabbage gazpacho. After that he can get my clothes and bag ready for work tomorrow and feed the dogs and cat. Since it’s raining he needs to take them out for a good wander around in the garden to make sure they ‘go’.

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