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Am i the only one in my class who thinks about this?

Asked by annoyingbunny (25points) February 18th, 2013

Am i the only person in my class who thinks about my theory?my theory is “What if our lives were all someone else’s dream, and one day, if they wake up, we all go poof.”

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Could be. Life is very fragile. Your theory is as good as any I’ve seen. Welcome to fluther.

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Welcome to Fluthe
That’s not a theory, it’s a rhetorical question. It’s the premise of a thought experiment.
What is the “so what” factor here? In other words, your own conclusions. If this premise is true, does it change how you think we should behave? Who is the dreamer? Does that matter?

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If my life is somebody else’s dream, he or she needs to stop eating heavy food before bedtime!

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So far, I think you are right.

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Your life is indeed my dream, and has been for several centuries. Well, you aren’t aware of that but I am, and that’s all that matters. However, my shift is almost over and I’m going to be passing the dream on to Annabelle. She’s kind of crazy. Have fun with that!

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