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How do you avoid awkwardness?

Asked by tups (6709points) February 25th, 2013

I have this friend whom I really like, but he and I are both kind of awkward and together we are even more awkward. One of the next days we’re going to spend an evening together and I don’t want it to be awkward. Has anyone got any advice? I might think he is also romantically interested in me.

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This might not be super-easy, but why don’t you guys just sit down and talk—get it out into the open rather than let it hang over your heads? See if you can come up with a fun way to initiate the conversation that plays off your and his awkwardness. Once you get past this step, things will settle down and you can move forward.

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Awkwardness only arises when romance raises it’s head, treat it as friendship first & the rest will follow without either of you even trying.

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The only way I know to get through awkwardness is humor. You can acknowledge it is awkward, laugh, and then say something more outrageous, which is saying truth in jest. It’s a risk, but hopefully it works out and the other person reciprocates. If they do, then the rest of the time is a lot easier. And if it doesn’t work out, you go home and watch reruns of sad shows.

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Plan to do something active that takes concentration. It will take your minds off the awkwardness.

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I have NO idea how to avoid awkwardness. I think it is attracted to me and there is NOTHING I can do to avoid it. Today was a perfect case in point.

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Yeah, I’m starting to think they passed out awkwardness along with my nearsightedness, allergies, and Star Trek fandom. Side effect of nerd culture. Just accept it, there’s nothing else we can do.

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Example today… I met a young woman to whom I introduced myself to… she asked where I was from, and I said, the USA…She went on to say that she was from Irak…. I said… Oh,, that is a big country… which part and she said… the northern part and that she was Kurdish. I am truly, socially fucked at that point…. I go on to share a completely irrelevant story that makes me look even more clueless and stupid as her pre-determined view of me already is. Sweet girl now hates me, I am sure.

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Smile, be kind, admit your own fumbling and be accepting of his. When he acts nervous or scared or fumbling, smile again and kiss him. Kissing him will help you relax, and will help him relax. And then enjoy it!

You’ll enjoy it if you know it’s fun and makes you feel good and you have no obligation to anything but you both enjoying it.

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Oh man. Awkwardness is unavoidable if you are super awkward like myself. Haha. If you two do like each other things will work out tho. I have got to say that my boyfriend thinks I am the most awkward person on this planet but that is why he was attracted to me he said. The hardest thing for me was letting him know how I felt about him even after he told me his feelings for me. It’s not like I would have been rejected since I knew, but the awkwardness got in the way big time. I guess all I can say is don’t be scared like myself. You two can work slowly into the relationship. Don’t rush anything. Most importantly, have fun and continue to just be yourself around him!!

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