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What about Facebook?

Asked by Evan (805points) July 5th, 2007

Shouldn't it be possible to write an app that integrates Fluther with Facebook? I'm thinking of apps like the "where I've been" that are written by outside parties, but that people can add to their profiles. Couldn't there be an app written where people could ask questions via a Facebook app, and track the ones their following via an RSS link to that app? Then people could add the FlutherFacebook app to their own profiles as they see it on their friends' pages.. the growth would be MIND-boggling!!

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Not being an admin/developer on this site, my opinion doesn't directly matter, but please remember the Eternal September:

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I agree with you that there's always the risk, with increasing use, that quality could decline. But I also think that a site like this has an immense amount of potential if it were only to reach that certain critical mass. Also, when it comes to something like a Facebook app, I think the real trick would not just be in avoiding it, but rather in designing it well; i think it makes all the difference. It seems to me that it should be possible to design it in such a way that encourages users to Fluther responsibly, while at the same time sharing this amazing experience with an ever increasing crowd...

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Evan: well said!

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i think you could 9with permission of course) - i actually contacted fluther for permission to write a widget for fluther but i have yet to get any reply

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Evan: That's a great idea. We've been thinking a lot about Facebook integration over the last few weeks, and we're looking into very seriously. Obviously the growth potential is huge, and we're just thinking about design options to ensure the current collective still jives with the new members. So we're working on it, and we appreciate your input.

mirza: Sorry we didn't get back to you. Your message must have gotten lost in the whirlwind of the last few weeks. We always welcome new ideas and help from our community. :) If you're still interested in a writing a widget, contact me offline and we can discuss details. (leave me a comment or email me at ben at fluther dot com)

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Ben - glad to know you're hip to the groove... as someone probably once said. Also - I thought that since you were hot on the trail, I'd offer you some help slash motivation.


:-) :-)

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pretty cool evan - your vision looks a lot cooler than mine which was to keep everything in simple facebook standard form

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