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How can people be so greedy and cruel?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36039points) May 10th, 2013

My daughter got a job. It’s minimum wage for now. She had twins in January. She finally found an SRS certified baby sitter. She’s been taking the twins to her for about 3 weeks now. The SRS pays $75 a week for each of the kids, and Corrie agreed to pay an additional $50 a week on top of that. Well, today, out of the blue, the woman told Corrie she wanted an additional $100 a week, starting on Monday. We’re in bit of a tizzy now. I just want to slap the woman.

I used to run a daycare and was SRS certified. I never charged more than the SRS paid, which was $60 a week. In fact, my rates were lower for out of pocket payers, $50 a week, because most of my customers were single moms and I knew how hard it was for them.

How could she do something like that?

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Why does she all of a sudden want this extra money? What was her reasoning?

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How long ago did you run a daycare? That is unbelievably low.

Did your daughter sign a contract? You can’t just change your prices like that. Unless you don’t have a contract. Then you can do whatever you want.

I’m not clear on the numbers here. Your daughter pays $50 extra – so $25 per kid? That would be $100/week/kid. And daycare wants $100 more, or including the $50 already being paid? Or is she asking for $75/kid from SRS + $50 from your daughter + $100 additional = $300/week = $150/week/kid.

I pay $185/week – for 1 kid. That’s a bargain around here.

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It was in the late 80’s, early 90’s. I ran it about 4 years. I know it was low (I actually had a daycare provider call me and tell me I needed to raise my prices because…I forget. So we’d all be on the same page? I said “No. My parents can’t afford that.”

She hasn’t given her a reason. I think she knows that she has Corrie over a barrel.

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What does cruelty have to do with anything?

The daycare provider is providing a service, and your daughter has a choice of whether to take the service and pay the asking price, or not. If you and she think the price is too high and the market is too restricted, then it looks more like “opportunity” to me than “robbery”. Why not work with your daughter to get her own SRS certification (whatever that is) and enter the market at more than minimum wage?

People do not exist just to serve our needs on our terms.

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@cupcake….I’ll have to double check with my daughter on the exact figures.

But she’s 3 weeks into @CWOTUS it and this just came out of the blue this morning when she dropped the kids off. The woman is demanding the extra money on Monday. Corrie doesn’t get paid until Friday, a week from now. It’s going to be difficult to get another provider at the last screaming second. They agreed on a price up front, and she’s changing it. And it’s cruel to put anyone in a position like that. I believe the term is “bait and switch.”

Corrie is going to full time in about 2 weeks, and will get a $2 raise. She works about 30 hours a week, and the daycare provider is charging her for 40.

SRS certification for daycare providers means you’re registered with the SRS and they come in and inspect the house at random times. It also allows you to “expense” food costs that the government reimburses you for.

Corrie isn’t in a position to run a daycare of her own.

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As a low-income working mom, it seriously pisses me off when people say “If you have a hard time paying for childcare, just get a job in childcare”. Like my options are a) don’t be a working parent, or b) be a daycare provider. It’s utter, insulting, bullshit. The fact that I have procreated does not mean the entirety of my worth lay in caring for children.

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Does SRS certified mean that the woman is supposed to take children at a pre-arranged (contracted) rate? If so, the woman would be violating the rules and your daughter violating the rules if they agree amongst themselves to pay more than the contracted rate.

Not sure if this is the case (that the rate is contracted). If it is, your daughter could get the woman in trouble by reporting her, but your daughter would also be in trouble because she has already been paying more than was pre-arranged.

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She should notify her SRS caseworker. This lady should not be SRS certified.

Your daughter also needs to get a contract. ASAP.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I agree. Not only insulting… but I’d hate being a daycare provider. Period. Just cuz I want to raise my kids with my husband doesn’t mean I want to take care of other kids.

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Actually, I talked to SRS today. Told them that when I was certified I wasn’t supposed to charge more than what SRS paid and asked if that was still in effect. She said, “Technically but most of the providers ignore it.”
I said, “Well, my daughter’s provider is trying to charge her more.”
The lady just said, “Yeah. They do that.”
That’s all she said.

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@Dutchess_III Did you ask why, if technically she is breaking the rules, she is evidently not at risk of losing her accreditation? There must be a way to formally lodge a complaint, if these places receive government funding.

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Can she find another place and make sure they have a contract. If she doesn’t have a contract with the other lady, then she can leave her or bully her into accepting the amount agreed with or go to the other place.

I would find out why did she want to increase it. Maybe she reduced the rate for a forty hour week, thinking that she would only have the babies for 30 hours and can have some part time babies to fill in the gap and charge them more hourly. But since your daughter will be working 40 hours, then that means she will lose the equivalent of 20 hours of income a week. 10 hours a week for each baby.

Two hundred dollars a week for 2 babies is pretty low. I figured it was 150 for both plus the 50 dollars. I worked in a daycare back in 2002 and the average price back then in NC, was 400 a month plus 250 for any additional child. I would think 11 years has bumped that up.

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Corrie said she did the same thing to another person. I’ll learn more when she gets off work today.
We’ll be looking. I’ll probably wind up watching them for a while, which is fine….except I wish they were a little older so I could just frow them outside! :)

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That’s really rotten.

I had exactly the opposite thing happen. I was doing day care and paid at the end of every week. One parent of two kids asked me for an extension because she was short of funds. She paid me about ¼ of the fee on Friday, and then the following Friday she never showed up. Her phone was disconnected and the address she had given me was fake. I was cheated out of money I was counting on.

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I actually filed a small claims suit against the father of two of my daycare children. He and Mom had split up, and I think he got custody or something. Anyway, she got upset with me because I continued to take the kids when he had them. I told her “This is hard on your kids too. The more things that can stay the same, the better it is for them.” She finally saw my point. I do NOT understand people who would hurt their kids to get even with an ex.
All family matters wound up in my front yard. That was hard.

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She sounds unprofessional and like she needed some extra bucks. Then saw this as an opportunity.

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My daughter just texted me “I’m not going to be able to keep my job, Mom. I can’t afford to make up for what the SRS won’t pay.”

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@Dutchess_III I feel her pain. Seriously.

I’m working full time, but my husband is having a hard time. He works construction, which is erratic at best. When he’s not working we can’t afford to pay for childcare. But to have a spot in a daycare you have to pay for it whether you use it or not. Guess he’s not working. * shrug *

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Well, the woman wanted to up the pay again to $200 a week. Corrie finally had everything in order, ready to go, a job she likes and was offered management after the first two weeks…and the woman pulls this. We have been looking for another sitter, but summer just hit and there isn’t one. She’s been pulling from all her resources, including me, in a desperate attempt to hang on to her job hoping something will happen.
She came to pick up the older two just now. She rarely cries, but she told me, with her lip trembling and tears in her eyes, that she gave her two week notice today.

Tell me again how that woman isn’t cruel.

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