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Care to give me your worst landlord story?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) June 26th, 2013

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As a landlord I have many. There was the guy who had 3 feet of beer cans in his whole apartment with a trail to the kitchen, bath and bed. The chain broke on his toilet and there were butt prints in the pile of poop in it.
He was a quality control manager for an international ice cream company.

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I was thinking more tenant stories, but thanks for sharing!

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Bali Reddy is a notorious slumlord in Berkeley. His properties are rundown and marginally inhabitable.

And to top it all off, a tenant died from carbon monoxide poisoning (from a faulty heating system.) There’s an investigation. Turns out he smuggles minors into the country to sexually exploit them too.

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I haven’t had many bad landlords, but the worst thing that happened is not getting my deposit back. I spent two days cleaning the apartment, but the landlady said it was still dirty and smelled of cat, so she refused to give me my deposit, and I was counting on that money.

I had two cats, which was allowed under my lease.

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My daughter was leaving a property and cleaned through the house thoroughly and the landlord also asked her to organise for a gardener to come in and prune and tidy up the garden. This was outside of the requirement of her lease. She did this and because the landlord then didn’t like how the garden was pruned, he refused to return her bond. I wanted her to take it to the rent tribunal because he was out of order. She hates confrontation and is quite introverted and he apparently kept phoning her to insist she sign off on the paperwork and agree to his terms. He bullied her in other words. She didn’t tell me the last part until it was done and I seriously wanted to go round there and clock him one.

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My brother’s landlord denies that my brother paid for two months’ worth of rent when my brother has records of it. The landlord also refuses to give back the deposit (I’m pretty sure it’s because of this reason), but the case is still unsettled.

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Years ago I had a job at this hotel, with an evening shift from four pm to twelve thirty am. I lived in this apartment building, and when it was time for rent, the landlord, who lived in the same building, would come collect his rent from me on the first of every month in early afternoon. I gave the money upfront, and he always came at that time because he knew I wouldn’t be there in the evening.
So one first of the month, I awaited him with my money, like usual. But he never showed up. So whatever, I go off to work. I come back near one am or so, and find an eviction notice on my door. Man, I wasn’t even scared. I’m like dude, what the fuck is this? You can’t evict me on the first fucking day you ass thief. I mean, there’s laws about this…plus I HAD the money.
I got pissed off. I went to his door with my cash and the notice, knocked and woke him up. He was all mad, but I gave him his cash, plus I gave him back the eviction notice haha. I start telling him, YOU’RE the one who didn’t show up, you know my schedule, I always paid you, and now you pull this shit off on me? It’s like go to Hell and die. He wasn’t happy, but neither was I. But he had nothing else to say, guess the whore was just happy to have his money.

Also this apartment was a fucking dive. I moved in there out of urgency. The wall near the tub was all caved in, the carpets smelled like shit, and this is one of those places where the appliances are included. Fridge, oven, even crummy couches and chairs. But the oven was insane, it turned itself on at night. I remember waking up one night cuz it was hot, (I slept in the living room, which was pretty much the kitchen) and noticed the element in the oven all bright and orange. So I had to unplug the whole thing, and did that every night before going to sleep.
I TOLD him all of this, and he never came to fix anything. And when I moved out, he tried to charge me for the bathroom wall, the oven, and he blamed my cat for the smell on the carpets. I’m like, are you even serious? I told you all this before! I did not pay him a single motherfucking penny. He felt kind of bad and his ego sort of deflated when I stood my ground, and said I could take some of the furniture with me if I wanted. But, since I’m so insensitive and mean, I’m like, keep your fucking garbage lol.

He also reprimanded me for bringing a cat into the apartment. Now this is my bad, no animals were allowed in there, and I got a kitten anyway. But…EVERYONE had a cat in this damn block. You saw cats everywhere in every window. In fact…him and his wife had a fucking cat! A big hairy gray cat that hissed at everyone, my guess is they probably beat the shit out of it, hence why it was so mean…but I mean like, you’re bitching at my kitty, when everyone else has one? Or just about? That guy was a complete pain in my ass. He thought that because I just moved to Qu├ębec from another province and was new, he could push me around or something? Well don’t fuck with me, an eighth of my blood is Norwegian, bitches! :D

…seriously though, that guy was an asshole. Last thing he did was wanting to charge me an extra ten dollars for the rent. Believe it or not, I found a new place in the next two days, and was outta there by the next week. It was awesome, except when he tried to charge me for a bunch of problems in the apartment that were already there when I moved in.

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@Symbeline , I’m going to show your post to the property manager I have working for me right now. She likes to have my resident managers give out three day notices for things like laundry baskets on their patios. Can’t she have a freakin’ talk with a person before giving them an official notice? I just lost a resident manager who had worked for me for nearly 15 years because she treated her that way as well.

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Once I was minding my own business in my apartment and poof all the lights went out. The landlord paid for electricity so I called her up. She wasn’t answering her phone. I went to her office in her antique store and she said “Oh yeah.. I totally forgot to pay the bills! I am busy today and tomorrow, but I promise to get it before Friday!”

So we spent two and a half days in the dark.

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