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Who would like to say Hello to Frodo Baggins?

Asked by janbb (51303points) September 14th, 2013

My new family member. Click on avatar for pic. (Psst – This is the Penguin speaking.)

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Oh my god. He is absolutely beautiful. So cute with his pink tongue. I love him.

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What is up with the mutt?

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Cutie-pie! How old do they think he is?

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@hearkat I found him from a rescue site. He was fostered in Howell but picked up in Brooklyn. They think he’s about 8 months old now. He was clearly socialized by someone and is adjusting really well to my house.

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I saw him on fb. :) Yo Fro!

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Adorable.. I wonder if I should put my new baby on my avatar. Her name is Gretel.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Yes you should! Maybe we should do dog avatars today.

janbb's avatar

Why don’t we?

Dutchess_III's avatar

I did! Check out how my dog is sitting on that log by the lake!

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Smart looking dog.

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@Blondesjon He was smart enough to adopt me.

@Dutchess_III Nice pic!

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The file is to big from my iPad. I don’t know how to make it smaller :-(

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He is very cute. Are you enjoying having him?

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@marinelife Yes! Not getting too much done but it is a holy day anyway. He is a great dog and very adaptable. He recognizes his new name already and someone had taught him to sit. I am working on stay for short times while I go into a closed room.

Haven’t been able to ruminate about too much else.

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Yo Frodo, sup!

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@Symbeline How they hangin’? (Oh wait – they’re not!)

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This is the kind of dog that is so ultimately cute that it makes you forget about wars and crappy stuff like that. :D

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@Symbeline I just look at his face and I have to laugh.

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He looks all soft. :D

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Milo here:

Does he forbid you to use the toilet with the door shut?
Does he understand that I am still the top dog?
Does he realize just how easy it is to open the refrigerator door?
Does he get that jumping on you at 4:00 AM is much more tun than the same activity at noon?
Does he know that the earlier he trains you, the better off he will be?
Does he want my FAQ sheet, for only a small fee and S & H charges?

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Frodo here: Working on all of them.

janbb: Milo – stay out of it!

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MIlo here; Just to whom do you think you are addressing those rude remarks to? Look out your kitchen window; see those two Rotweilers? They are MY enforcers aka The Goon Squad.

Frods, just whistle if you need some support.

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Hello Frodo Baggins! Saw you on FB.

Welcome to your new home! You will be well loved!

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Frodo: do not allow anyone to persuade you to go on a quest to defeat Sauron!

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@janbb I think I just fell in love.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I know you’ll both enjoy your rime together.

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He really is adorable!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

laughs, rime and time are close I guess.

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^^^ Roo tight.

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Greetings, Mr. Baggins. Be sweet to the penguins!

He is precious!

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@picante We are doing very well. yesterday, I went into the house briefly while he was in the yard with two friends and they said he was distraught!

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@janbb Ah, he knows you are his person!

janbb's avatar

Yes – he’s got that one down cold!

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