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Is it right to pay for the doctor to give you a clean health to drive when the licensing dept asks for it?

Asked by graynett (1032points) September 18th, 2013

I have just had a medical check for which I Paid $287.00 for. The doc asked me for my own risk assessment (not for my benefit) about my health. he was not at all interested in what advice he could give me.only how well I was to drive. Still had to pay for my licence.another $400

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Do you have a medical condition that would preclude driving such as epilepsy?

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No. It is unethical. And it is perjury if it is a legal document. Medical evaluation is for society’s safety, and your safety too.

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Why did you have to pay $400 to get your license??

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So you paid for your health physical to clear you for driving and then your driving license as well? That sounds normal to me. Are you saying the doctor didn’t really do a physical? Or are you upset because he only focused on clearing you for driving and not looking at other health issues for you? I’ve worked with doctor’s that do DOT (department of transportation) physicals and there are very specific things they are supposed to do for those physicals, like review your history, vision screening (including color blind screening), and checking your lab work. Did you have any of that done?

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^^^ Good questions @Seaofclouds.

Last time I got my license renewed I think it cost $15.00. I’m trying to figure out why it cost so much for the OP.

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Different licenses and endorsements cost different amounts. Also license fees are different from one state to the next (assuming this is the US). The need for a physical made me think this was for more than a regular driver’s license.

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@Dutchess_III You clearly do not have a license from NY.

Excellent points @Seaofclouds.

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What country are you n?

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Are you asking whether his question was sufficient to determine whether you could drive, or are you dissatisfied because you couldn’t take advantage of your appointment (made for the purposes of determining whether you should drive) to get a full medical consultation? Is this guy even your doctor, or was he just someone you were sent to for the purpose of renewing your licence?

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Do you want the doctor to check you out for free?

What state or country are you in? You do refer to dollars so that tells me you are in the US. Is it a regular license or a chauffeur’s license or CDL license? Those things can make a difference in the fee you pay.

The fact that you call it a “licensing department” and not “Department of Motor Vehicles” makes me wonder where you are.

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If your state motor vehicle administration requires a physical examination and a doctors approval in order for you to drive you don’t have much of a choice. did you expect the doctor to work for free or at some kind of reduced rate?

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I feel a bandwagon charging here….

For $287 I would hope I’d get more than a “How do you feel?”
“OK. You’re approved.”

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I didn’t see the OP say it was “how do you feel? Ok, you’re approved.”

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That’s how I read “The doc asked me for my own risk assessment (not for my benefit) about my health. ”

Where IS the OP, anyway???

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To clarify a bit more I’m a 68 year old Australian who has a heavy vehicle licence that is up for renewal. I have retired and don’t use my Licence for a job any more and I have type 2 diabetes, (diet controlled). I didn’t see my GP as I was sent to a Government selected specialist. Who ask me “how do you feel,” OK, fine” As I said I,m retired and a grey nomad drive a Toyota Coaster Motor home around Australia (in winter)
MY Peeve is I’m guilty for getting old and must pay the piper and don’t call the tune!

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Ah, what about letting the heavy vehicle license lapse and just getting a regular license?

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@marinelife Great idea, but then he couldn’t drive his RV, which is how he spends his time in winter.

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@snowberry Not so. A regular driver’s license is sufficient.

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@marinelife , maybe not in Australia

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Maybe he needs to double check before he gives up his license. Go get ‘em!

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If the doctor was paid to do an assessment then the doctor should have done the assessment instead of passing the buck to you. What he did defeats the entire purpose of the assessment requirement. No one who comes in wanting a driver’s license is going to say they are unfit to drive.

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@Judi I checked Australia before answering.

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