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I have a business idea, will it work? (details inside)

Asked by mambo (2749points) November 17th, 2013

I have been working in a bakery for a while, but I have always done a lot of freelance work. My absolute favorite thing to do is take a creative spin on a traditional dessert and make it beautiful.

I made this pie earlier this evening and started to think. Would people actually pay for a pre-made pie like this?

I love to bake, but I think it’d be pretty cool to make a little bit of money while doing it. Since the holidays are coming up, do you think I’d actually succeed?

I’m not looking for this to be my sole source of income. I was just wondering if there is a market for pies like this.

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Sure. If you want to keep it small, and do it just for the holidays, see if there are any craft fairs in your area over the next couple of months. You’d probably have to rent a freezer or something for the event, though – or perhaps give out samples at the fair and promise delivery.

If you don’t want to present your wares in person, the difficulty is making people aware that you exist. Some of this will depend on what size town you live in – if you’re in a smaller town, it might make this easier.

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@glacial I live in a tiiiiny Southern town. I don’t know about any craft fairs that go on locally, but thanks for the idea! I have all of the supplies needed for transport and preservation, so this doesn’t seem to hard to do if I can find a venue.

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Aren’t there issues of business license, self-employment tax status, etc.? I don’t think you can just start selling stuff and pocket your profits without jumping through some hoops first.

The pie is beautiful. I would love to serve something like that as a holiday treat.

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@Jeruba Giving the small profit margin, I don’t think there would be too much to do as far as legality goes. I know there is some paperwork and smut to go through, but it is feasible. And thank you for the compliment!

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That’s a beautiful pie! If I was bringing a dessert to an “occasion”, I would love to have access to buying something like that…

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With the above example, perhaps you could start out presenting your handiwork while still at the bakery, receiving an additional fee from the place (to be worked out between you and the owner ahead of time) if there seems to be a growing demand for such products? This would give your products some exposure while keeping down overhead costs, and then, when the time is right, you could go out on your own and use a pre-existing customer base.

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I say go for it, @mambo!!! Indeed you might have to jump through a few hoops to launch even a part-time business, but don’t let the prospect of that cool your jets (or your pies). Follow your passion. I’m rooting for you !!!

By the way, that’s one great-looking pie. I’d buy it from you anytime, anywhere.

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@yankeetooter thank you for the kind words! I can’t quite do that at the bakery because my boss is very strict and doesn’t really allow me to display my creativity. She wants things done her way and turns down any idea that isn’t her own.

@Pachyderm_In_The_Room thank you for the encouraging words!

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Oh, @mambo, sorry to hear that…it was worth a try.

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Awesome pie! How the hell did you braid that edging crust?
You have talent…go for it!
I make good pies but they aren’t even close to that pretty.
I would take some sample pies to a local bakery, the more elite the better and maybe they will give you commercial kitchen space and let you do some baking!

If you’re going to sell them ( technically you can only give them away ) to anyone other than friends or family you need commercial kitchen space for the health requirements.

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@Coloma For the crust, I took three long strands of dough and braided them like they were hair. If you roll the dough out and use a sharp knife, they look very precise! As for your idea, I might go to my bakery’s competitor and inquire about the space! Thank you for the idea!

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Here, in a very small community, there are several women who do decorative baking of various kinds, uncluding wedding cakes. They advertise by word-of-mouth and post flyers w. photos at our country store, the several small but heavily trafficked post offices and the cafes and cofee shops around the greater community. It’s cash-and-carry and they are not getting rich.

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LOL @gailcalled uncluding wedding cakes

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^^ Pre-dawn typing-in-bed is never a good idea, but, still, I’d give myself an A- for usage and punctuation; the hyphens in the phrasal nouns balance out the typo.

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I have a small auction house in a small town and I’ve allowed people to display and sell food items from time to time. We’ve had a couple of bake sales where people were raising money for a good cause, and I let them set up free. A couple of ladies were trying to build a business baking, and I let them set up for a percent of the proceeds…no more than 10%.

I’m of the opinion that everyone wins. If you can find a locally owned business that feels the same, you can build a clientele that way at a low cost to you. Florist would be a perfect fit: similar, but none-competing service/occasion based businesses. Even if you bought a counter-top display and kept a couple of examples in it, you’re baking would be “out there”.

Good luck. If you were local, I’d work with you!


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Beautiful! I hope you can make a go of this. By the way, what kind of pie is that? I’d like to fantasize about eating it, and want to get the flavors just right in my head. ;)

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