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What if all animals were round?

Asked by MadMadMax (3402points) November 21st, 2013

Looks like another day here at Walmart, Micky D’s, all you can eat buffets and Bojangles.

Note: Be patient, let the sequences play out

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Well that was fun. At first I assumed that I would easily be able to outrun any predatory beast, but then realized that I would likely be round as well.

So that makes it an even playing field again, except that the animals are much more entertaining to watch…

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Seems like equally “round” is a hoot but evolutionarily (sp?) impossible.

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Does remind me of sitting at our local mall a few days ago to rest and crowd watching. I never realized how rare a bird I was. Round is an understatement.

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They would have an overblown sense of selfimportance and try to conquer the world?

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I am too lazy to check, but ‘evolutionarily’ looks right to me (AND is also fun to say).

And yeah, if they ever have a waddling event at the Olympics, we are going to CLEAN UP….

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Be easier to fit in a bun.

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Rodeos would be hilarious!

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That video was hilarious, thanks for sharing.

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@thorninmud wrote: “Rodeos would be hilarious!”

Horses or riders? Seems like everybody would just bounce.

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@uberbatman: You’re welcome but I got it as one of a bunch family recipients from my son. He finds great stuff.

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Dumpity-dump cowboys trying to lasso an 8-ft diameter steer, then tie-up those tiny flailing legs.

I’d pay to see that…

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Oh dear God….Please let those be photo-shopped.

PLEASE let them be photo-shopped…..

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I don’t believe that horse is photo-shopped.

I have seen really fat animals in more recent years – I think it’s the feed. Same as us. We are what we eat.

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PS the second link looks to me to be cgi cartoon image

That’s clearly a joke or maybe a social commentary!

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Would be harder or easier for cats and dogs to clean their behinds?

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Somehow that doesn’t work for me.

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The fat animals I just saw while Googling for that post are just plain sad.

What the hell are we doing? Oh my god.

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Sadder still, it is nobody’s fault…..and no one will ever be held accountable….

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The (pardon my pun) big picture includes all animals including humans and that is “somebody’s fault.”

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Of course it is. But….to a person….every food processing executive, greasy fries lover or over-loving pet owner will just shrug and say….“Not me”.

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A lot of horse people would have to buy new girths for their saddles and hope they could straddle the beast. lol

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A big part of the problem is in the food – feed. So If corporations are people, hrumph, then it is “somebody’s” fault.

If you feed an animal a normal amount of food, but the food isn’t quite the same thing it was even 20 years ago, then is it the owner’s fault? The common person doesn’t have a veterinary degree.

Our food, their food, ain’t food.

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Elton John’s lyrics would be way more relevant, “The Circle of Life”

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Good luck being a round predator…

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@glacial “works for that guy”

We don’t know if he was too slow and dead – it’s a picture.

Why in the world with the military accept someone who could probably apply for disability for obesity?

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