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Dreaming about your crush or someone you love the most?

Asked by JessicaKapuuo111222 (1points) December 3rd, 2013

For the past days i have been dreaming about my ex and yesturday I dreamt that me and him were back together and it was at school…he kissed me and told me that nothing will come between us…and today when i woke i was thinking does he still love me?? what should i do??

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Take up drinking or cultivate a heroin habit. That was my first reaction. Just call him and get it over with. Nothing is more useless than pining and wondering.

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I did exactly the same thing last night, but my old crush has been married 47 years and lives two-thousand miles away. Oh, and that crush was like 56 years ago!

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So start by telling us, did he break it off or did you? If he did, your mind was just playing out its wish that it wasn’t over, but reality is that you are not together, so you have to accept that.

If you broke it off, the cold light of day needs you to answer the question: what has changed that would say it’s okay to get back together?

Dreams are not reality.

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Your dream is not about your crush, it’s about what he meant to you. You have great love in your life now. Cherish that.

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okay is this some sort of fucking spam now? this kind of retarded question twice in 7 days, what the hell.

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