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I am staying bally sloane casino in atlantic city?

Asked by blakemor (1points) December 14th, 2013

I read the bally sloane handbook thing and it said at the claridge hotel there is a steam room and tanning booth. I thought I might as well go because its free but when I went I couldn’t find neither, just the pool and a sauna. Does anyone no where it is or if not where any other free tanning booths are. Thanks

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Call the front desk and ask them. Also check Trip Advisor and see what they say. You can get lots of travel information on Trip Advisor. There are forums, and there’s probably an Atlantic City forum, where travelers ask questions and others respond, or they post a topic and others respond, kind of like Fluther but specifically for specific regions.

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Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino
Caesars Casino Hotel Atlantic City, NJ
As @jca said call them and ask them if they have the facilities before you check in.

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