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Does maturity come from age or experience?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 22nd, 2014

Is it both? Why or why not?‎

I want you to know that you inspire me a lot and I thank you for that.

Thank you for inspiring me everyday.

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A combination of both. You need to have age to have had enough experiences to acquire maturity and, one hopes, wisdom.

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Very certainly age plays a role into the 20’s as the nervous system (as well as the rest of the body) continues to grow and develop. Kids and juveniles simply do not have the same level of mental development that they will in another decade or so of normal development.

Experience plays a role according to how one thinks about it. Some people don’t learn from their experience or learn things that aren’t beneficial in the long run.
But most people manage to get something useful from their experiences that helps them make wiser decisions and act in ways that are more beneficial to themselves and others.

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Depends largely what is defined as maturity.
The origin of the context of the word, one would conclude that age, experience and maturity are synonymous.

Other than that I think it a matter of personal opinion according to the definition, considering the situation.

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Both, but more so, experience.

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I am reading an autobiography by Patty Boyd, and she mentions how immature the Beatles were, because they were always guided and spoon fed. When Brian died, they found themselves ill prepared to even make travel arrangements.

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Maturity doesn’t come from age or experience.

Maturity is won by associating with mature people.

Foolishness is won by associating with foolish people.

Greed is won by associating with greedy people.

Kindness is won by associating with kind people…

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I’d say experience as well.
Age is just a number, plenty of old jackasses and Jennys out there whose bodies have arrived at the head of the table but whose minds are still in the playpen.

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Age contributes to physical maturity and experience contributes to a part of mental maturity but a unceasing desire to learn and improve on a daily basis brings about the maturity that is all-round.

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Maturity can come in part from aging, not age. The brain changes and grows over time. It also comes from experience. Or some people are naturally inclined to be cogent thinkers. Some people are great at introspection.

And some people don’t mature in a helpful way as they age, their experience makes them more intransigent/brutal/and authoritarian, they can’t reason, and/or they are terrible at introspection.

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Experience. At my age I have seen “adults” behave like big babies and teenagers who are way more mature than many adults I know and it is clear that experience was the teacher involved.

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I’d have to say experience. I’ve known people twice my age who act like I did when I was 15.

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Hardships and knowledge.

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@Paradox25 AKA the school of hard knocks!

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