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What is the best INSTANT coffee ever made?

Asked by Aster (18320points) March 11th, 2014

I don’t like instant but I was wondering if that’s because I’ve not discovered good instant. I think Folger’s instant was pretty bad. Do you know of an instant coffee-NOT FROM K CUPS-that is as good as drip or perc coffee? I gave away my K Cup coffeemaker and have no intention of buying a new one.

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Pilon or Bustela. Pilon is the best of the two, in my opinion.. Both are rich and low in acid. You’ll never go back.

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I’d rather just stir dirt in hot water than drink instant. I did read though that there are some liquid concentrates that are gaining on fresh brew. I drink tea nowadays and always get a tasty brew from that.

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Mount Hagen. Very good for instant and better and cheaper than Starbucks VIA.

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So there are a couple that don’t suck? I would have answered a mix of drano and No-Doz would be preferable, based on the crap I’ve tasted.

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In UK we have Kenco Millicano and Nescafe Azera brands. They are a mix of instant and very finely ground roast coffee but dissolve like instant. Never tried them but they have great reviews. Have they not yet hit America??

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