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What is wrong with us!

Asked by syz (35524points) April 1st, 2014

I’m so disturbed and appalled by this. Our judicial system is so transparently weighted in favor of those with money. How have we let it get this way?

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Yeah, there’s a point when things are so out of balance, you can’t help but feel helpless and apathetic because you can’t do anything.

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More proof that no one is 100% sane!

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There is a lot more to this case that the public will never know. The case never went to trial he copped a plea to this 4th degree rape charge so we will never know precisely what this man did to his daughter. This was a female judge who has to know these details and she was the one who surprised even the defense with the probation offer. She also felt he needed intensive treatment over jail time and ordered him to get it.

From another article
“He noted, however that prosecutors handling child sex cases routinely have difficulty relying on the testimony of youngsters, especially if the defendant is their father. The well-being of the child is paramount in such cases and parents and prosecutors are often reluctant to put children through the trauma of testifying and being cross-examined, he said.

“These cases are extremely complicated and difficult and we strive to do justice in each and every case to the best of our ability given the facts and circumstances presented,” McConnel said. “That sometimes results in a resolution that is less than what we would want.”

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Affluenza is the new ‘get out of jail free’ card.

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Nothing new here, there is no news under the sun. Wealth bias has been around forever, just gets more exposure these days. Wrong yes, surprising, no.

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Money is power. Those with lots of money have lots of power. This is the way it always has been and will likely always be. Of course this is not fair. But life is not fair so get use to it.

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The State of Delaware + Family DuPont = Probation for incestuous rape.of a 3 year-old. No surprise here. The DuPonts have a long history of going unpunished for crimes that would earn most of us life terms in prison or even a death sentence. They are of minor French nobility, refugees to America from the French revolution. They have been producing explosives and munitions, murderers and pedophiles; have been marrying first and second cousins and the insane—and producing the insane— in Delaware since since around 1802 and today are among the richest and most powerful families on the globe. One of the heiresses even contracted to have an FBI investigator killed. This family produces gothic fodder far beyond anything Charlotte Bronte could ever imagine. They are by far the most scandalous among the famously scandalous American aristocracy. They even appall themselves at times. The’ve been known to kill lovers and business partners, put uncooperative wives in mental institutions— one Dupont heiress even contracted to have an FBI investigator killed. These are not exagerations, they are quite based in fact. Just google DuPont Scandals. I’ll wait…

So why are we so surprised that, yet again, a Dupont gets a pat on the wrist (not even a slap!) in a country famous world-wide for the best justice money can buy?

They have owned an island—winter getaway for family and friends—off the southwest coast of Florida since around 1880 through one of their companies, a phospate mining and transhipment firm. They have more islands, mostly along the east coast, but this is the one I’m familiar with. It’s called Gasparilla Island, lies just north of Sanibel off Ft. Myers. A railroad and large resort hotel and cottages was built around a village, Boca Grande (named after the pass at the south end of the island between it and Cayo Costa) that housed the servants of the wealthy and the railroad men and laborers at the phosphate transhipment port on the south end of the island.

Rockefellers, Morgans, Dodges, Dukes, and Mellons vacated there for the fishing back in the day. They arrived in their private pimped-out Pullmans on their own railroad sidings next to their winter “cottages,” which were mansions to most of us. Evelynn Walsh McLean, Katherine Hepburn, Doris Duke, and other celebrities of their generations spent winters there . For a time it was a paradise hideaway for lonely wealthy heiresses and their gigolos—no secret among the locals; many of whom cooked their breakfasts and changed their sheets.

Today he Tarpon, Kingfish and Permit fishing is famous around the world, attracting the George Bushes, Jr. and Sr. and their families and friends every season. The toll on the one automobile bridge to the island from the village of Placida is $6.00 the last time I was there. Keeps out riff raff like me, I suppose. There now are new McMansions along the pristine beaches and it costs more than a thousand dollars a half-day to charter a sportsfisher, but the village is still an excellent example of old Florida. I’ve never seen a black person on Gasparilla. Land that hasn’t been sold off to other wealthy people through the Dupont land management companies over the years is still owned by the DuPonts, but you’d never know it. Google Boca Grande Wikipedia and there is no mention of them. It’s one of the few places left in the US that has no Google Streetview.

But if you go there, there is no dearth of books on it’s history and it’s connection to the Duponts, mostly locally published. If you’re lucky, you might get a local talking about the old days, but these jewels of oral history are quickly disappearing. It’s a beautiful old Floridian bastion against the shit that is piling up on the mainland and I’m glad it’s there—and I thank the Duponts for that. But the shadow of this strange family still lingers and the locals still are very aware of this.

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I know this is only removing a drop from an ocean of injustice, but here’s a link to a petition to have the dishonorable judge Jan Jurden fired:

Hopefully that works.

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I think it is wrong when you say us.
That means you are including me. I had nothing to do with it, plus I disapprove. When you include me, I am less sympathetic to your POV.

In my opinion, it would be better to say ’“What’s wrong with them”?
I think it has less to do with money and more to do with moral confusion about how to deal with pedophiles.

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I still say there are details that are only privy to Mr. DuPont, his daughter and the Judges better judgement we will never know. Convictions require proof and from all the details (none) that I can find I have to side with the judge who knows way more than I will ever know about this case.

The fact that the media is blowing this up to Witch Hunt proportions without a shred of evidence or proof tells me he should remain innocent until proven guilty. He pleaded his case within the allowable components of this states laws…the judge concurred…and until there is documentable proof it is time to put away the torches and pitchforks and move along folks.

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What is wrong with us? We try to be more than we are capable of being. We want to be fair and sometimes we go too far the wrong way in our efforts. I can only hope that eventually the pendulum will stop swinging and we will reach equilibrium.

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