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Does man consist of spirit and body or body and mind?

Asked by abdelfatahdroesh (17points) April 27th, 2014

man consist of spirit and body or body and mind

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Why not all 3? I know there is a body. We’ve proven there is a mind.

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Man is unitary, consisting only of body. The mind is a function of the brain, which is a part of the body – much like digestion is a function of the gastro-intestinal system, which is also part of the body. The spirit is a subset of the mind. It is what we call the confluence of motivation, passion, intuition, and sub-conscious intellect.

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If you read the news enough you will start to wonder if anyone has a mind. Seems like everyone is losing it. So to me, the spirit and mind are both beginning to be questionable. Somedays, I feel humanity is reversing itself to primitive behavior. We are not far from going back to the days of offering sacrifices to a volcano god.
But I would agree with @FireMadeFlesh opinion. Only I do not believe anymore that every man, woman or child are in possession of a mind and spirit.

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@Pandora Does the apparent unwillingness of many people to use their mind equate with not having a mind, or do you believe in p-zombies?

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Human beings are mind, spirit, body.

Not much is known about the mind, where it resides or if it is a separate function of the brain.

Not much is known about the spirit, how it functions or if it even exists.

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Depends how much whiskey he drinks.

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Some beliefs, and even some fringe scientists, state that Mind is the only thing that’s truly real, and it’s everything else that’s an illusion. These illusions would include the physical and even the spiritual side of the universe. Your human and spirit body would also be illusions as well, since the spirit body is nothing more than another vehicle that the mind attaches to in order to have another meaningful experience in another level or ‘reality’.

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