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If a company interviews you and seems enthusiastic and asks you to contact them after the holidays for another interview and you do but they haven't gotten back to you in 1 week what do you do ?

Asked by chinchin31 (1442points) May 14th, 2014

Do you assume they are just busy or no longer interested.

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I would call them one more time and say something like “I’m just following up to see if we can set up another interview as we discussed at the end of our first interview.”
Don’t let them forget about you, but also don’t be overly pushy. One last call and I’d let it go.
Did you send a thank you email after your first interview? It’s not a must, but is a nice touch.

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okay.. well I didn’t send a thank you email after the first interview but after the interview itself face to face I made it clear that I was very thankful they took their time to see me and that I would be in touch after the holiday. First interview was very casual.

Okay I will wait and see.

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Call them as @chyna suggested and don’t let them forget you.

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