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How have you been holding up in this tough job market? what do you tell yourself to make you feel positive?

Asked by knischol (37points) May 24th, 2009
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After six months of looking for a job, I finally found one. I started last week.

I didn’t tell myself anything really. I just trusted that shit happens, and good stuff does too. Eventually, the pendulum will swing back my way. :)

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It’s coming up on two full years since I left my job of choice and went back to a different kind of business and it’s been sporadic but I know from experience the fluctuations of bad times, I just hang in there and keep focused on the people who I’m responsible to and those who believe in me to come through this patch and then go on to the next thing.

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I have a State job with ten years under my belt, so I don’t fear a layoff. However, I am currently furloughed two days a month, which equates to an almost 10% pay cut. I have two house payments (I receive rental income), an apartment, and two cars (I’m separated from my wife). If they implement a third (or even fifth!) furlough day, I will have to start giving up possessions, such as my car, maybe rent a room from someone, instead of my apartment, etc.

In recent years, I have placed much less emphasis on material wealth, and I could live on less if it comes to that. I’d be happy in a cabin in the woods, as long as I had Internet access so I could work (and Fluther!).

I just came from my third yoga session today. I am so calm, it feels as though nothing could phase me right now. :-)

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I have been laid off for six months. Have a Business Management degree that has become virtually useless. I don’t even get responses/call backs on a very nice resume. I am going back to school in Sept. to study radiology and hope the medical field stays stable. My thought process is if you can’t find a good job with your current education, go back to school and hope it opens new doors.

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@asmonet! Congratulations! So happy for you. A lot of flutherfolk are looking, and it is so heartening to hear of someone’s success.

One thing to remember, @knischol, is this: it’s not your fault. People are going to remember this downturn for a long time. All you’ll have to say is “2009” and folks will understand why there are gaps in your resume and why you might have taken a weird little job outside your field or changed careers just to stay employed.

And things will get better. Hang in there.

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I can’t find a part-time job after nearly a year, which is disheartening because I really don’t want to graduate with nothing saved. Before I could find a part-time job really, really easily and I don’t qualify for work-study or anything. All these part-time jobs that used to go to high-schoolers and college students are now going to adults so even at 20, I feel it.

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I’m doing great. I work casually in disability care, and no one else wants to so my job is quite secure. We’re not suffering so bad here in Australia, thankfully.

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not holding up too well…..........but i always remind myself to GO WITH THE FLOW

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I work for myself and live off a pension, so I don’t worry too much. I figure in 10 years or so when my kids are ready to get real jobs things should be better.

@FireMadeFlesh – You can also say I “work casually in disability care” in that I take care of my husband, who is disabled, because Medicare won’t.

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@Darwin I’m sorry to hear that. It can be very difficult at times, and I could not do it more than I already do. It would be very hard to do it all the time. My best wishes are with you.

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I find myself saying, “This too, shall pass” more often than I can count. Nothing lasts forever and everything is always changing, including us. It’s harder to fight change than flow with it. Those of you looking for a job, think about what kind of job you would want or one that would make you happy even if slightly. Learning a new job or industry would definitely open doors of opportunity, even unexpected types of jobs.

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I just keep saying I hope it doesn’t hit us.

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