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What is this a sign of?

Asked by lizz_rn (14points) May 19th, 2014
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This dream means that you will soon be arrested and spend a great deal of time in prison where you will learn all about man-love.
Please avail yourself of the English classes and remedial spelling classes available to you on the inside.

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Welcome to Fluther. FYI, there are mods here.

In your dream, your big sister represents your English teacher whom you probably never listened to or even knew, perhaps because you skipped the class or were texting. The guy you bin talking to that she hooked up with represents the grammar and spelling book that you never took home. She is laughing because you never even new you had one. Going to his house represents you going to your locker to look for the book. Since you probably never opened the locker, you could not remember the combination so it remained in the locker, represented by the fact the guy is also locked up. And now you know…

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Dreams mean nothing. Plain and simple.

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You guys are rough.

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Dreams are just a vague interpretation of how we want to solidify our actions. It’s nothing serious. Dreams are all in our heads.

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Welcome to Fluther. Because you are new here, I’m sure you haven’t reviewed our policies and moderation guidelines. Unfortunately, no Jelly may ask dream interpretation or does he really like me questions and expect serious answers. It’s written in invisible ink at the bottom.

What other questions do you have?

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Dreams mean absolutely nothing. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. They only have the meaning you ascribe to them. Therefore no one but you has the ability to interpret your dream.

P.S. Traditionally the title is a brief description of the question to be asked and the details are in the body of the question. That is a bit backward with your question.

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Welcome to Fluther. Sorry for the rudeness of some of the answers.

What dreams reflect are the thoughts of the dreamer, which you would know better than us. How close are you to your sister? Do you look up to her? Do you sometimes get into arguments?

Is the guy locked up for real or just in your dream? I could not tell from your question. If you dreamed that he was locked up, what does that tell you about how you feel about him?

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I’m not so close to her I don’t trust her I can not communicate with her. I absolutely do not look up to her; her life is a mess. we used to get into arguments a lot not as much anymore.
the guy that I am talking about he recently got locked up Saterday night.

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If he got locked up then move on to greener pastures. Don’t be that girl.

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Can someone tell me how this question has been up at least 16 hours so far and not been removed yet? It’s too long, has spelling errors (for example, “bin” and “nd”), and is one of those “what does my dream mean” questions. It’s been flagged since yesterday afternoon and it’s now morning. No mods are on the site for that long?

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