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I have a friend who calls a motor grader a "blade." What do you call it?

Asked by kritiper (12775points) June 3rd, 2014

I’ve never heard it called such, only a “grader.”

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I’ve heard it called that by Operating Engineers. They have their own terms for lots of equipment. And it depends on whether the blade is pushed or pulled. But that’s about the extent of my knowledge.

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Motor grader? Please describe…

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“A machine for leveling earth.” Usually, a long machine, motor driven (pushed), that has 4 driving wheels with rubber tires in the rear, and 2 rubber mounted tires in the front.
Motor driven, as opposed to horse or tractor drawn.

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@kritiper oh, you mean a grader, I’ve never heard such machinery called anything but a grader also. Having lived many years on an unsealed road, the grader was a regular feature slowly travelling along the road, getting rid of potholes or corrugations on hilly parts by smoothing out the gravel, when there had been heavy rain or heavy traffic, during holiday periods (the road went out to the coast) it was seen more often.

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