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Dragon Ball Z VS Dragon Ball Z Kai...which one?

Asked by Berserker (33407points) June 28th, 2014

For fans of Dragon Ball Z, anyways. I used to love the show years ago. Then I heard they were remaking the series, called Dragon Ball Z Kai. They took some stuff out to make the series a little less long, since two fighters yelling at each other for 12 minutes was getting annoying…I only watched the first few episodes of Kai though.
Basically, they dumbed down the show from the already dumbed down American original. And they changed the whole dialogue. And censored even more blood. Methinks I should just stick with the Japanese original, or at least the American one from long ago. I was pretty disappointed.
All I can say for it is that looks a lot better, but that’s it.

Any fans have anything to say? Also has anyone watched the Japanese version of Kai? Is that better than our Kai version?

And yeah yeah, it’s over 9000, there I said it, it’s not funny. :p

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Dragon Ball Z, hands down.

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Z-classic as it were.

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Dragonball Z Abridged.

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My son says Original.

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Three votes for the original, pretty much a fourth from me.

@ragingloli LOL I just watched the first episode. That’s some funny ass shit lmao. Also; Picolo’s MySpace baaahahaha.

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I tried to keep an open mind while approaching Kai. After all, it’s not as though the original series doesn’t have its fair share of problems. The pacing had major issues (I honestly can’t tell which saga had it the worst) and the dubbing was spotty, to say the least. But goddamn it was fun to watch. So in approaching Kai, I just wanted to have fun again.

I didn’t last five minutes. It was terrible. It exceeded my expectations of bad.

I’m still looking forward to the Sailor Moon reboot though!

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@muppetish . . . Do you really believe that your Sailor Moon hopes won’t be as brutally and irrevocably crushed as your DBZ hopes were? i sooo hope i am wrong about how bad the new sailor moon will be


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Yeah, I want the Sailormoon reboot too. I’m excited for it haha.

So I’ll stick with the original DBZ then. (re watching them all, plus Vegita owns)

@Blondesjon Not holding my breath either, but it’s worth checking out…if it sucks as bad as Kai, well…da ell widdit. (Sailormoon is another series that had its own problems, especially in the beginning…wonder if no one ever thought it was weird that Nephrite is like 32, and dating Naru who’s like 13, dude wat)

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@Symbeline . . . Ed Wood, who would have fucking loved Sailor Moon I suspect, taught me that there is such a thing as “suspension of disbelief”.

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he would also have loved fucking sailor moon

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i wish i could find a legitimate reason to disagree with that

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Everyone wants to fuck chicks with no knee caps.

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sailor moon was so risqué, they even edited out the lesbian couple in the colonial version

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They edited a lot of the sexual stuff from the Japanese version, if not all of it…so much so that both the Japanese and American versions are totally different haha. Never did watch Sailor Starlights, not even sure an English version exists.

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anyone seen the german intro?”

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Hahaha yeah, actually it’s in my YT favorites, been there forever. (got an extended version with sprites from the RPG though) The German and Japanese intros are the best ones.

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Watchin’ me sum DBZ bitches…uncut, too. Aaaaah…

man this show is awesome Except for seeing Gohan’s penis all the time. Lol.

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The classic Dragonball Z :)

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