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I want app for mobile to download music easy and fast?

Asked by nicole91 (6points) July 20th, 2014

I use samsung galaxy and I want your help to download music to my phone???

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There are plenty of options there, but you can eliminate many (most?) of them if you want free, legal, high quality (i.e. sounds better than AM radio from a distant station), and lacking in fake downloads. Not to mention that is does unkind things to your data plan unless you have an unlimited package.

Personally, I download music on my home computer, then transfer the music I want over to my phone using a USB cable (the same one that I charge with). Like most Android phones, it syncs just like an MP3 player. The main reason I do it that way is simply because it’s far faster and far easier to do it on computer than on the phone. Well, that and my ISP gives me unlimited data, but Verizon doesn’t.

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