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Is past drug use the reason im so sick?

Asked by sick_nd_twisted (4points) August 22nd, 2014

Okay so in late June of this year. I decided to do Xanax. A lot of it in fact. It was not my prescription. I was never really a for say pill popper but that night changed a lot. For four days straight I mixed the Xanax with alcohol and Gabapentin. In result of the many times I passed out just to wake up and continue using. I got up to 10–15 xanax daily. I overdosed. After being in a psych ward for a week, I continued using. I’ve gotten locked up three times this summer for under the influence behavior. When I got out the first time I realized I wanted more drugs. Any pills I could get my hands on. I’ve done Suboxone, Focalin, and so much other drugs. Now I’ve been clean for two weeks and I’m attending rehab therapy group four times a week. I’ve been having horrible stomach pain and headaches. Side pain. And shaking a lot. Are these signs of withdrawal or anything drug related? Or do I maybe just have a major case of the flu.

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Just guessing here, but I’d say probably. Or maybe it was the ink from your recent tattoo that affected your brain. Find another hobby.

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You should see a doctor. It very well could be withdrawal but after two weeks I don’t know. It will take a few months to get your body back to normal, if you stay clean, after what you’ve put it through. You really should do a medically supervised detox, in a facility, if there’s a next time. Withdrawal from benzodiazapines alone can kill you. So, really see a doctor, ya know? Asking question on fluther is not really the way to go about finding out what’s wrong with you.

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If I had to bet I’d say it’s anxiety/withdrawal. For fuck sake go see a doctor.

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