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Future of social media?

Asked by OctopuSOcial (10points) December 22nd, 2014

What is your opinion on the future of social media in 2015 , more pictures , less text. Sales products through social networks?

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Probably more of what it is now, indeed.

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People getting bored, moving on to something else.

Kids are already disconnecting from FB.

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Probably even more of people losing the skill of personal face to face contact. talking and socializing while never leaving the house. How sad…...

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@zenvelo from what I hear, kids are leaving Facebook because now their parents and grandparents are on Facebook too. I’m not on it and never have been.

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I’m betting there will be a privacy backlash. Experienced users will taper off.

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I like to call it Sodia, some “drink” from the inter-teat, but soon that nipple is bound to pop

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It’s funny you asked that. I just recently Googled “Facebook Sucks” and got over 50 million hits! There seems to be a trend for more personal or “clicky” and even genre themed sites. Folks just want their own space to be theirs, I guess. For example, I’ve come across several online mall type sites which seem to be gaining popularity… Keep, wanelo, weheartit, polyvore, tapiture,, you get the idea. I really think folks are going for smaller and less drama. I found recently and it’s completly different from facebook. I like it. I’m not really sure where Fluther fits in to all this but it’s been here for a few years so that’s a good sign I guess.

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The more that sales becomes part of the social network process, the less I will use it. I’m not going to these places to be advertised at.

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@LuckyGuy Actually I’m thinking that too. It’s been happening for years already, where some people put fake names or create alternate accounts to avoid being spied on by coworkers, teachers and whatnot. FB does have a privacy setting though, where you can set it so that only peeps in your friend list can see what you post.

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you heard it here first

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Since social media becomes more and more intrusive, I am guessing there will be a website called “people I’ve”. You sign in, and list all your sexual conquests, and what STDs you’ve had. The people you list are notified, and they add their conquests to their name.
After enough sign up, you realize just how skanky your life has been, and how many diseases you have exposed yourself to.
Maybe they will even have a number system to show how many people have had sex with anyone involved with your past partners. For example:
Barbra was a virgin when she slept with Dan, who was also a virgin. They both receive 1 point.
If Dan had sex previously with Shelly and Margaret, who were both virgins, both Barbra and Dan would have 3 points.
If Shelly had sex with Mike and Jeff and Bill, and they were all experienced previously, Dan’s number would jump to include the total number of partners Mike and Jeff and Bill had before sleeping with Shelly. Barbra, even though she was a virgin previous to sleeping with Dan, now would have a large number.

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