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Would flatus produced by the ingestion of Zea mays everta really be of a higher temperature when expelled?

Asked by kritiper (20681points) March 17th, 2015

As asked.

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No but it would be dry.

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Higher temperature than what?

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@zenvelo Normally expelled flatus.
@Adirondackwannabe I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about how dry it is, only how hot it might be.

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You never heard that fart was drier than a popcorn fart?

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@Adirondackwannabe Nope. And I just can’t imagine that a dry fart could be worse than a wet one.

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I was with one of my coworkers at a farmer’s house and they had a new baby that was in a sleeper on the table between us and the hubby and wife. Suddenly the baby ripped off this huge loud dry fart. My coworker said the popcorn fart line with a completely straight face. We all laughed.

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Seems like I’ve only heard of people saying stuff like “The breeze today is hotter than a popcorn fart,” and the like.

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That works too. Useful things, those popcorn farts.

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