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Would you think it was creepy if a guy made up a story about being gang raped and told it to a reporter?

Asked by josie (30926points) April 7th, 2015

I am thinking of a scene in a movie I saw once called Deliverence. A guy gets boinked in the rectum by a crazy mountain man.
What would you think of guy who fabricated such a tale, and told it to a Rolling Stone reporter?
I would think it was pretty creepy.
Is it proper to render the same judgement against the girl who did the same thing at UVa?

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Yeah, it is creepy. What’s the motive of the person fabricating such a tale? Doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female. It’d be even creepier if he squealed like a pig while getting boinked.

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Until we know what actually happened or didn’t, I would be loath to judge anyone’s story of rape. All we know is that Rolling Stone didn’t fact check and that the story as presented was fabricated.

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It’s not creepy, it’s sad and offensive to all victims of sexual assault.

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I’d think, given his fabrication, it was wishful thinking on his behalf.

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Deliverance. Blast from the past!

I second @tinyfaery.

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Regardless of whether the person was male or female, lying about rape and sexual assault is damaging to real victims. I don’t know what Jackie’s motivation was, whether she suffers from some form of mental illness or if there was ANY truth to her story.

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